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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 131
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Vol. 131

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that brought us a little bit of joy this week:

1. Emily's Favorite Jeans: Finding the perfect pair of jeans is HARD. We love these! 

2. Our Amazon Favorites: We made an Amazon store! Shop all of our favorites from baby finds to healthy snacks. 

3. Emily's Favorite Books of 2019: Emily wrote a post this week on her favorite books of 2019 (so far). Click here to read it! 

4. A Favorite Healthy Dinner: This meal is delicious, healthy, and SO easy! Perfect for a busy weeknight!

5. Signature Simplified Planners on Sale: You can now save 30% on 2019 Signature Simplified Planners! 

6. Sally's Perfect Vanilla Cake Recipe: We believe simple is best - even in desserts! Nothing beats a classic chocolate chip cookie or a plain vanilla cake. We love this recipe!

7. Joanna's New Home Line: We're big fans of Joanna Gaines, and we couldn't be more excited about her new line with Anthropologie! 

8. Birthday Cake Candle: The sweetest gift to give to someone special on their birthday.They'll think of you all year long while they burn it! 

9. The Prettiest Coasters: We love these, and they'll match any color scheme! Bonus: save an extra 40% on them today! 

10. Our Spotify Playlist: Don't forget to listen along to our Spotify playlist this month! Sign up here to receive a new one in your inbox every month.

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