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Vol. 119

Happy Friday, friends! This weeks Top Ten is all about Launch Day! Our team has been taking the week to debrief and make sure your orders get out to you as quickly as possible. Here are our top ten favorite things about Launch Day this year: 

1. NEW Simplified Planners: Of course, our very favorite part of Launch Day is FINALLY being able to share our 2019 Simplified Planners with you! Our team works so hard on these for months, and it's so much fun when they start making their way into your hands 

2. Going LIVE, Live: Every Launch Day, we take down our site the night before to prepare. We love going live on Facebook the morning of Launch Day to take down the password and celebrate Launch Day together! 

3. Team Video Calls All Day: Since our team works remotely, we use video calls (and a group text!) to stay connected throughout the week. Usually those calls are limited to an hour or so, but on Launch Day, we leave it up all day long while we work. So much fun! 

4. Sharing the Excitement with You: We LOVE sharing all of the Launch Day excitement with each of you. It wouldn't be the same without you all! 

5. Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuits: The official breakfast of Team Simplified. A must-have on Launch Day! 

6. New Mini Notebooks: This year, we launched brand new notebooks that match our Simplified Planner covers! We couldn't be more thrilled with how these turned out. 

7. Simplified Planner Bundles: The easy way to save when purchasing your Simplified Planner (and they're still available on our website)! 

8. Seeing Which Simplified Planners Are Your Favorite: We love to see which Simplified Planner covers sell the most on Launch Day. This year, our classic Happy Stripe was the first to go!

9. Team T-Shirts: Because there's nothing like a team t-shirt to get you ready on Launch Day! 

10. Our Launch Day Playlist: We couldn't forget about our Launch Day playlist! We've had it playing in the office all month long. 

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