Show Notes

Vol. 114

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought us a little bit of joy this week:

1. Our Simplified Planner Setup Workshop: Get your Simplified Planner all set up for the SP Start Day on August 1! 

2. Lisa Leake's Newest Cookbook: We love Lisa Leake's cookbooks and use her recipes regularly. We can't wait for this new one to come out next month. Preorder your copy now!

3. Our Favorite Kids' Backpack: Back to school is right around the corner. These backpacks hold up well all year long and are currently on sale!

4. Avocado Slicer: If you eat avocados regularly, this is a must have (even in a Simplified kitchen!). 

5. The Best Workout Leggings: The five star reviews speak for themselves. You can't go wrong with these, especially while they're on sale! 

6. Instant Pot Whole30 BBQ Pulled Pork: We love following along with Alex on Instagram. This is the perfect healthy recipe for any summer barbecue! 

7. Ashley's Ten Basics from the Nordstrom Sale: Our friend Ashley is sharing ten basic items to stock up on during the Nordstrom Sale. A good read if you're looking to stock up on some staple items in your closet!

8. @ChristyBWright on Instagram: Christy shares so many good tips on balancing being a mama with having a successful career. We love following along with her! 

9. Baby Girl Headbands: These heads ands are so soft, come in lots of colors, and last forever! Currently on sale! 

10. Our Spotify Playlist: Don't forget to listen along to our July playlist! Sign up here to get a new playlist in your inbox every month. 

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