Show Notes

Vol. 102

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that brought us a little bit of joy this week: 

1. The Ruthless Declutter Challenge: We've been so encouraged by all of your progress this week! Remember, every little bit of decluttering that you do is progress towards your goal. 

2. Stackable Storage Bin: Don't go out buying storage bins until your decluttering is over, but if you still need some at the end of the week, we love these! 

3. Classic Maxi: We love staple pieces that are versatile enough to wear several different ways. Remember: don't go buying clothes unless you need them. :) 

4. SP Cover Reveal: We can't wait for our cover reveal on April 25! Be sure you're following along on @Simplified to be the first to see our new 2018-19 Simplified Planner Covers. 

5. 100 Days to Brave: We love this devotional by Annie Downs. Simple, easy to read, and always encouraging. 

6. The Cutest Peplum T-Shirt: A little twist on a classic t-shirt. There's so many fun color options! 

7. NEW Simplified Products: We are SO excited to be launching LOTS of new products along with our Academic Simplified Planners on May 2!  Be sure you're following along on @Simplified and signed up for our newsletter so that you don't miss it! 

8. Our Favorite Key Ring: We love these key rings because they're easy to find in our purse, and they keep our hands free when we're busy. Bonus: they come in lots of fun colors! 

9. @AshleyBrooke on Instagram: Our friend, Ashley, recently made a bold decision close down her online shop and dedicate her time to her blog. We couldn't be more proud of her and love following along on all of her adventures!  

10. Our April Playlist: One of our favorite playlists to date! We've had this playing in our offices all month long. Listen along with us! 

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