Show Notes

Vol. 43


Happy Friday, friends! We’re loving these ten things this week and think that you will too! :)

  1. Give Grace Campaign: We adore the girls over at Scarlet & Gold, and their Give Grace campaign is so near and dear to our hearts. 100% of the proceeds from these products go towards sending their founder, Megan, and her husband to the top fertility doctors in the country. Plus, their tees are some of the best ones around!
  2.  J. Crew’s Fall Sale: An extra 40% off clearance? Yes, please!
  3. Spinach Enchilada Recipe: These pass the taste test from even the pickiest of eaters!
  4. Boulangerie’s Pumpkin Souffle Candle: If you’ve been searching for the pumpkin candle, look no more! This one is the perfect blend of pumpkin and brown sugar, and it comes in the prettiest jar (which also makes it a great gift!).
  5. Sarah Tucker’s Front Door Makeover: We love the fig trees in front of Sarah’s front door! Such a simple way to spruce up an entryway.
  6. Great Day Notes: Have you seen our new ‘Great Day’ notes in the shop? We couldn’t be more thrilled with how they turned out!
  7. Flamenco Pineapple Necklace: Our favorite pineapple necklace is back in stock! It’s the perfect weight and extra sparkly– great for a girls’ night out!
  8.  @racheltimmerman on Instagram: Rachel combines fashion, faith, and motherhood so well. We love her fall style inspiration!
  9. Dipped Canvas Zip Pouch: Bold colors, incredibly functional, and $20 off! It doesn’t get much better than that.
  10. Our September Playlist: Our October playlist will be up tomorrow, but there’s still time to listen along to all of our favorite songs from September!

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