Show Notes

Vol. 4



Happy Friday! We are loving these ten things this week and think that you will too!


1) Dallas Clayton’s book, “An Awesome Book of Thanks:” this is such a sweet book with a really beautiful message! We also ADORE his book, “An Awesome Book of Love.

2) LayBabyLay: We love this blog! Joni is so creative!! Awesome DIY Playroom ideas.

3) Banana Republic’s Denim Leggings: So soft and so comfortable! Size up because they fit snug!

4) A Pretty Darn Good Chocolate Cake Recipe: We posted this recipe awhile back, and it’s one of our most loved blog posts! The last chocolate cake recipe you will ever need. It’s THAT good!

5) Michelle Edgemont’s styling in Weddings in Color: M lives in Brooklyn and she’s one of our favorite colorful people!!

6) Sarah Jane Studios: Sarah launched her new website in celebration of eight years in business. Her artwork has hung in all my kiddos nurseries!

7) @weelicious on Instagram: Catherine has the BEST ideas for your kids’ lunches! We can’t get enough of her Instagram feed.

8) Kate Spade Foil Dot Pencil Pouch Set: One of our favorite pencil pouches to use with your Simplified Planner accessories. So cute and so functional!

9) Great Day Note Set: With school in full swing, these little note cards are getting lots of use around here (great for lunch boxes!). We love them for sending little bits of encouragement to co-workers, spouses, and friends, too!

10) #ELDesignWeek Playlist on Spotify: Some of our very favorites! Great for a little bit of motivation after a long week!

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