Show Notes

Vol. 2

Happy Friday! We’re loving these ten things this week and think that you will too…



1) Lara Casey’s Desk Cards

2) Gray Malin’s Up and Away Line: we adore the I Am Busy Balloons print!

3) Dapperdesk: be sure to sign up for the newsletter for updates!

4) New Balance Running Shoes— with seersucker!

5) The Simplified Journal: have you seen the newest cover option yet!?

6) Kate Spade Travel Mug: our friends at Swoozie’s will even monogram it for you!

7) May Designs: personalized May Books in Simplified Planner cover patterns are 50% off today! These match and fit perfectly inside the planner’s front pocket!

8) Social Print Studio: our favorite place for printing out all of those Instagram photos!

9) Waiting on Martha’s Perfect Cheese Platter: we love this post on how to create the perfect cheese and charcuterie board. This is a must read if you plan on doing any entertaining this fall!

10) “Actually Do Something…That’s the Big Secret!” by T.J. Mousetis: we couldn’t agree with him more! SO good.

11) Gina Zeidler on Periscope: Gina is the most motivational person we know AND she just started using Periscope! She’ll give you a great kick in the pants to jump start your week!


Whoops. That’s eleven. But it’s Friday, so we’ll go with it! :)

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