Show Notes

Vol. 17



Happy Friday! We’re loving these ten things this week and think that you will too! :)

1) ‘Heartstagram’ from Framebridge: This limited edition, heart-themed paper backing from Framebridge is the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift! Order by February 7th to ensure delivery by February 14th!

2) ‘What Do You Do With an Idea?’ by Kobi Yamada: This is the sweetest story for anyone who has ever had a crazy idea that seemed a little too far out of their grasp. Encouraging and inspirational for all ages!

3) ‘Mug Cakes’ Cookbook: 100 speedy recipes to satisfy those sweet cravings when you’re in a pinch! Bake up a quick snack for your kiddos after school, or make one for yourself (we won’t judge)!

4) Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe: The perfect wing recipe for Super Bowl Sunday! Take a look at our other favorite game day recipes here.

5) The Simplified Address Book: Perfect for keeping your family and friends’  addresses up to date year round, so you’re not scrambling to get them all at Christmas time!

6) Hot Pink Tassel Earrings: Just in time for Valentine’s day! These tassel earrings are perfect for a casual afternoon, or a fun night out.

7) Whit’s Valentine’s Day Card Post: Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day card? Our very own senior designer, Whitney, put together a post with a few of her favorites. We think you’ll love them!

8) Gingham Coaster Set: We adore these coasters from Draper James! Navy, white, gold, and gingham! Is there any better combination?!

9) The Daily Saint on Instagram: We love the saying, “be kind and do good.” This Instagram account posts examples of people doing just that. Follow along or good, clean, daily inspiration!

10) Our February Playlist: Our new playlist is up, featuring all of our favorite love songs for February! Follow along to hear what we’ll be listening to this month.

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