Show Notes

I can’t believe this is our last Making Things Happen tour. I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for Lara to arrive so we can board our flight to Austin to pick up Gina and get ready for tomorrow’s MTH Austin intensive!

The past few days have been bittersweet. One of my best friends was married in Pensacola and I had the honor of standing next to her as she started her new life with her husband. Brady enjoyed a weekend visit with Nana and PopPop (he named my dad this, it’s pretty much my favorite thing ever) and visited the Zoo for the first time (loved the Llamas, HATED the crazy birds), had his very own doughnut, sunk his little toes in the Gulf of Mexico and enjoyed lots of love and hugs from his grandparents. Bryan and I enjoyed time to ourselves while B soaked up Nana and Grandpa too. And then yesterday morning I cried my face off in my parents driveway while my boys drove away.

But life is good, y’all. Whenever we start these intensives, it feels as if I always have something heavy on my heart. Our first tour together, I was pregnant and facing a scary pregnancy and the emotion that comes with becoming a mama. The two tours after that I was learning how to be a mama and balance all that comes with being a business owner, wife and mom all at once. Last tour, I was learning how important it is to have a strong, solid marriage to show Brady what true love is. Don’t get me wrong, Bryan and I were doing wonderfully, but becoming parents changes things. While we were once infatuated with one another, we were suddenly infatuated with this little boy and had to learn how to parent together and love each other even when we were exhausted. 

I’ve made so much change in my life since last May. I’ve become more focused. I’ve started working part-time. I hired Gina Hafley (who is AMAZING and will be introduced here very soon) to work with me in Tampa. We’ve simplified, streamlined and tried to really focus on what matters and nothing else. We launched the SHOP and it blew our expectations out of the water. I made hard decisions and watched as my trust in God led me to the right doors even if they were the hard ones to open. (Referring to our Simplified Planners. Not many people know that we had to recycle over half of our first run of products. They were all wrong due to a host of reasons. But God told me to keep going. So I did. And we’re nearly sold out).

I write all of this to say, keep going. When things are hard, when life changes, when it’s hard to find focus, keep going. I’m excited to start this tour and go through five MTH intensives with my best friends feeling a sense of peace and true happiness that comes from God alone. I’m so excited to meet so many of you in the next few weeks. Nearly all the cities are sold out.

And now… up, up and away to Austin, TX! I’ll be blogging a lot this trip as I’ve made a promise to myself to make the MOST of the ten days I’ll be away from little B. This trip will include lots of rest, lots of reading, lots of FaceTime, early morning exercise (L and G make me do it), healthy food and lots of writing here.

So excited for what’s to come. Here we go!



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