Show Notes

It’s kind of crazy to think we’ve only spent four years together (although I shamelessly school-girl-crushed over you for many years prior). You’ve made me stronger, encouraged me to dig deeper and pushed me farther than you’ll ever know. Sharing a love like we have… with my very best friend in the whole world… there’s nothing greater. And in just two days, we’ll add to our little part of two. Two Bs and an E. I can’t wait for that. The greatest Valentine’s gift in the world will arrive on Wednesday. Thank you for making me a mama. Of all the things I dreamt of accomplishing in my life… #1 will happen so soon. I hope he has your dimple chin and your puckered lips. (Yes, I think you have puckered lips). I hope he loves football and cherishes tradition the way you do. This pregnancy hasn’t been easy or textbook by any stretch. But its been perfect because we’ve done it together. And he’ll be perfect because he’s one part you and one part me. I love you more than words, B. And I cant wait for little B to be part of the club very soon.

Image credit: Meg Baisden Photography

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