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the kitchen chair

Tonight while I was making dinner we had the funniest, sweetest moment with Brady. I got a little overzealous and cooked an apple bourbon pork tenderloin, collard greens [mmm mmm] and mashed potatoes — never mind that I ruined half of it by trying to create my own recipes, it’s the effort that counts… right?

Rewind a few hours… earlier in the day Brady and I made dessert together — Giada’s Lemon Honey Angel Food cupcakes. I’d let Brady stand on one of our kitchen chairs and help me mix, beat and pour the cupcakes and icing (YUM). He loved holding the hand mixer the most and was pretty mesmerized by the vibrations, the noise and the super awesome thing it was doing to the ingredients in the bowl.

Well it was now four o’clock. Bryan had just returned from my little brother’s Bachelor extravaganza in New Orleans (I still can’t believe he’s old enough to get MARRIED) and was building a fort with Brady in the living room. I was in the kitchen wrapping things up so we could sit down to dinner. As I turned the mixers on to whip the mashed potatoes (with entirely too much Greek yogurt) I was startled by a loud noise.

I looked behind me to see little Brady — head down with both arms straight in front of him — pushing a giant chair from our table into the kitchen. Bryan and I both I started laughing realizing that he was coming to assume his rightful place next to me in the kitchen with the mixer. When he heard our laughs, he looked up with the most enormous smile on his face, half bewildered, as if to say “What’s so funny, Mama? I’m coming to do my JOB!”

These are the moments we’ll remember : ) Nothing fancy… just a halfway decent Sunday dinner. But perhaps the best moment of our weekend was Brady folding his hands when we all sat down to eat… to say the blessing. Melt my heart.

God is good. Sundays are our favorite.



PS: I’m super excited. I just gifted myself a super cute initial charm and necklace: the B charm (for all my Bs: Bryan, Brady, Briggs + Harley Bogart) + the Cross from Stella & Dot (my friend Katie is a stylist).

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