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Creating a planner app has been quite the adventure for us paper gals. With our paper Simplified Planner, we hold it in our hands, make sure the printing is precise and beautiful, check to make sure the binding is strong, drop it on the floor and throw it in our bags to make sure it is sturdy and durable. Technology is different. There are SO many integrations that can happen, different models of phones, different user needs and different types of women using different functionalities. We’ve learned SO much in this two+ year process. I always wondered why there weren’t simple, beautiful planner apps available and, with all the roadblocks and potholes we’ve hit, I know why. Trying to (essentially) recreate the functionalities of iCal or Google cal is anything but simplified :) But we’re charging ahead and are determined to make The Simplified Planner App the absolute best all-in-one planner, journal, meal planner and list keeper app available. It’s almost there, but we have some work to do! We have incredible developers and now are ready to grow our great group of users to help us test the new features we’re adding!


We’re growing our test group by adding 10-20 individuals to thoroughly test The Simplified Planner App releases and updates. We’ve had a smaller focus group up until this point and feel that expanding the group to a variety of users with different needs and different iPhone models will be incredibly helpful! If you’re interested, please complete the application below.


** UPDATE: Thank you everyone for applying! We’re full at this point.


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