Show Notes

I just realized… my first day of working full time for ELP will be EXACTLY six months since I attended Making Things Happen in Watercolor. How ironic. It’s also the launch date for ELP’s sister company… details coming soon…

This morning, I was reading Gina Zeidler’s post about how today is ironically her three year anniversary (congrats to M&G!) as well as her last day at her “day job.” Tomorrow she begins a whole new life. I am so proud of her.

Monday, I read this post from Lauren Kelly. In Watercolor she had a dream about expanding beyond wedding planning – into serving couples after their “big day” as they embark on the biggest journey of their lives. Lauren has teamed up with amazing people nationwide to start Spark – a holistic retreat for married couples. I am so proud of her.

Last Thursday, as I was minutes away from telling my boss that I’d be leaving my full time job, I caught Christopher Confero on Facebook. He gave me a fabulous little pep-talk. I just adore him. Since MTH, I have witnessed someone with a heart of gold take risks and put himself out there in a way that is almost breaktaking. See here, here and here. I am so proud of him.

Valerie has pulled all of her creativeness under one hat – Southern Fete – and continues to grow her business – not to mention becoming a bride herself. It has been such a joy to watch Valerie grow. She is so kind and supportive – always first with a sweet encouraging tweet right when you need it. I am so proud of her.

While riding in a tiny cab to our hotel in NYC for the National Stationery Show, I got a text message from Lara Casey – whom I admire and respect greatly… “Just wanted to wish you all the best this weekend. I know you will knock their socks off!” How this Superwoman has time to send her encouragement at just the right time, I do not know. I appreciate Lara and Jeff so very much.

It’s funny what that one little day did in my life. And I know that though I’m speaking for myself, it meant that much to everyone else in the room as well. There are so many amazing success stories – I’m leaving out tons. But I just wanted to note how much life can change when you break down walls, climb over hurdles and step outside your comfort zone…. when you live and work with passion and purpose.

Thanks to the MTH First Class. I love you ALL and am so proud of how much we’ve all grown as people and professionals. And our stories are just the first of MANY. Cheers to you all – here’s to making BIG things happen during the second half of 2010.

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