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Hi, young Emily (that’s me there in 2007). Hi, Emily who rocked four inch heels and curly hair and loads of mascara. Hi, Emily who ran board meetings and spoke in front of thousands of people at ballets wearing her fitted dresses and skirt suits. I was Executive Director of the city ballet at age 23 for crying out loud. I had to rock the skirt suit!

Old Emily, meet new Emily who is in a Mom fashion slump.

Tonight I was sitting on the couch with Bryan and he laughed and asked me when I was going to take off my hot pink tennis shoes.

I wear tennis shoes now.

No more four inch black heels. Hello tennis shoes.

(at least they’re hot pink?)

I’m in a Mom Fashion Slump! HELP! Can I get an Amen?? Who else has been here? I used to have a closet FULL of Banana Republic dresses and beautifully tailored pants. I loved skinny black belts and swing jackets. I blew my LONG hair out almost every morning and could run a mile in my favorite black pumps.


It’s the curse of the work-from-home lifestyle. And the Mom lifestyle. Add them together and… “UH-OH!” (as Brady would say)

I’m writing this post to call myself out.

Nothing wrong with tennis shoes, but gracious, my daily wardrobe needs some help! Now, I will give myself a little credit – my weekend wardrobe is (if I dare say so myself) pretty great. Dresses are my favorite – as are skinny jeans and cute flowy tops (loving LOFT and Banana lately).

But listen (Bryan Ley, I’m talkin’ to you!) The days of awesome, blown out long hair and little black dresses every day are gone. And I’m okay with that! I gladly traded the board room for a little home office and hung up the heels in the process. Now, my days are a mix of focused work time, walks with Brady in his wagon/red car/stroller and chasing little running toddler man around the house. Tennis shoes, leggings and fitted Target tops have been my go-to!

Kara even came over the other day wearing leggings and a Target v-neck and said “Hey I look like you!” I die! She did!

It’s time to revamp my on-the-go daily wardrobe. And I need help. I’m tired of Target. I was looking through the Athleta catalogue the other day (the brand owned by GAP)…cute stuff! Gap Body has long been a favorite of mine too.

Mama needs a shopping trip.



image circa 2007 by my DEAR friends at Meg Baisden Photography

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