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In ten days, Lara, Gina and I will be leaving our respective homes and meeting in Austin, Texas to begin our very last Making Things Happen tour. We are so EXCITED to do this one last time. Making Things Happen has changed our lives and the lives of over 550 alumni in the past few years. As part of the very first class (in Watercolor in 2009), Gina and I can attest to the fact that this movement changes people. It changes lives. It gives people a STARTING place. And THAT is exciting.

Nothing magic happens in that room. We don’t have fancy decorations or an event planner or even tons of fun swag to give away. Instead, we bring notebooks, encouragement and TIME. By attending Making Things Happen, you give yourself the gift of time to focus on what MATTERS for a full day, to reconnect with the WHY behind all the THINGS you’re doing and to reprioritize. It’s invigorating. Just typing about it makes me so excited (yes, even to leave my sweet family behind) to do this one more time. Austin, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta… get ready. We chose these cities because they’re all very easy to travel to. We’ll be hosting the intensives very close to the airports as well. Easy peasy.

Over the years, I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of emails asking me about Making Things Happen. Those questions you’re thinking right now… those doubts and wonders and FEARS that are holding you back… we know. We’ve heard them all. 550 others have thought / felt them all. The biggest question we get is this: “I’m not a ______________ (insert pronoun –> photographer, business owner, type-A person, etc) so can I still come?”


Making Things Happen is for people who are ready to do just that. It’s for people who are ready to take control of their lives and make them lives that mean something. They’re ready to listen to that little voice in their head that’s saying there’s something more. Maybe they know what that is, maybe they don’t. They want to love more, give more, serve more, create more, LIVE more.

The alumni who have come before you have made enormous things happen. They’ve gone home to love on their families more. They’ve refocused their time and energies to give more to people around them. They’ve connected with PURPOSE and put ACTIONS in place to CREATE the life they dream of – whatever that may be.

I would love to see you at Making Things Happen in October. Lara, Gina and I are so excited to meet so many new friends, to hug your necks, to ask you hard questions and to dig deep. We’re so excited for what this last group of alumni are going to make happen. It’s bittersweet, getting ready for our LAST tour ever. It’s been the experience of a lifetime and such an honor to be part of MTH. Next year, we’ll only be hosting one Making Things Happen intensive in Raleigh, NC – details to come early next year.


And now… HOORAY! We are offering TWO scholarships for this last tour! There are two ways to enter:

The Alum Scholarship: Leave a comment here an tell us what you want to make happen.  Also, please tell us the city you would like to attend. Anyone who applies for a scholarship will be given the ability to register at 50% OFF if they are not chosen. So, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by entering.

The MTH Match Scholarship: Leave a comment here telling us what you want to make happen AND spread the word! Tell your friends about Making Things Happen, too! Tweet, Facebook, Blog, Pin this, send smoke signals… whatever you want to do to tell people about Making Things Happen and just link to this post.  Leave a separate comment here telling us you did so. We will pick a random winner for this second scholarship, so the more entries you submit, the better!

Deadline: We’ll be announcing our winner on October 3! Again, if you enter to win a scholarship, you’ll still be given the chance to register at 50% OFF the regular rate if you aren’t chosen.  We want you to be able to make this happen no matter what!



Beautiful images by Nancy Ray Photography


The scholarship entries are all so amazing and so inspiring! Just reading your words makes our hearts so excited and SO HAPPY to imagine the big things down the road for each of you. If you aren’t one of our main scholarship winners, keep an eye on your inbox : ) You may be getting a little email from us in the next day or so.

CONGRATULATIONS to Erin McLean (winner of our Alum Scholarship!), Kirbi Knopp and Sarah Tucker (TWO winners of our Scholarships!). Email to get registered!

There’s still time to get registered! All of the cities are nearing sold out, so checkout to join us!

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