The entire first chapter of WLBM!
The entire first chapter of WLBM!
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If you’ve been following my journey in writing When Less Becomes More, you know what a big deal it was for me to record the audiobook myself. Hayley Cresswell did an amazing job with my other books, but I felt so tender about this topic, I wanted to narrate the words. As I wrote, I read the chapters into my phone’s voice recorder app and basically used them as audition tapes that I sent to my publisher. They happily agreed, and it turns outaccording to the production companyI was a natural at it! I loved spending a few days in the recording studio reading the book. And I hope you’ll check it out. I’ve long been a fan of @audible and probably listen to more books than I physically read during this season of life.

I am SO EXCITED to be able to share with you an enormous sneak peek of the book itself—the entire first chapter. Click the book cover above to listen in. Just four more days until release day!

You can also pre-order your copy on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at Target (special edition with bonus content) or get the full audio book on Audible and


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