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HOORAY! Many of you who have followed our journey from a guest room born hobby to the brand we are today may remember that between 2008-2011 we offered personalized  iPhone cases, stationery and Great Day Plates®. Well, we are thrilled to have partnered with The Boatman Group to bring some of those great products you loved BACK!


This means that the Great Day Plates® you all know and love will now be available year ’round in our new personalized shop, along with tumblers, iPhone cases, and memo cubes! This collection features our signature patterns, along with some new designs and lots of MONOGRAMS! YAY! You can browse the entire collection here. We’ve been working so hard on each and every one of these pieces and just love how they turned out. We can’t wait for these new products to make their way into your hands! 

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