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30 Days of Simplicity



Last month we did our inaugural Simplicity Challenge on Instagram. This month, we’re sharing it on the blog so you can share it and complete it whenever you feel like you need a little bit of simplicity in your life. 1 simple step every day for 30 days. Physical clutter = mental clutter, so both of those areas are addressed throughout the challenge. Most tasks can be completed in 20 minutes. No skipping days!


Day 1 of 30: Walk your home with a trash bag. Be ruthless. This isn’t the donate bag. This is the “throw it away” bag. Donate bag comes later. Empty shampoo bottles. Papers. Receipts. Trash. Ready, go.

Day 2 of 30: Set a recurring alarm for every weekday. If you’re letting your kids wake you, set it for one hour earlier. The tone of your morning impacts the rest of your day.

Day 3 of 30: Do something with all those photos and videos on your phone. Print. Back-up. Store.

Day 4 of 30: Simplify your phone. Delete old contacts and unused apps. Consider moving time suckers to the back. Change that lock screen to something that makes you happy and your wallpaper to something simple.

Day 5 of 30: Put two things on your bedside table that make you happy. You should also have a lamp and a clock. That’s it. Move anything else.

Day 6 of 30: Clean out your fridge. Check expiration dates and throw things away.

Day 7 of 30:  Restock anything that needs restocking in your bathroom. Cotton Balls. Q-tips. Toilet Paper. Shampoo. Toothpaste. If you don’t have extra, make a list. Take that notepad into the bathroom with you and take inventory.

Day 8 of 30: Start the habit of throwing a small load of laundry in every morning.

Day 9 of 30: Go put gas in your car today. While you’re there, clean out your car. Throw trash away. Make this a habit.

Day 10 of 30: Buy a few birthday cards. Keep them on hand for birthdays that pop up that you’re not prepared for.

Day 11 of 30: Put your number on the Do Not Call list. Call 1.888.382.1222.

Day 12 of 30: Walk your house with a donate bag. Schedule a pick-up or drop it off as soon as the bag is full. Walk your house with your keys if you have to.

Day 13 of 30: Dump your purse out. Throw away trash and create a little bag of essentials: chapstick, kleenex, Shout wipes, gum, etc. Make your bag work for you.

Day 14 of 30: Pull out all the formal dresses in your closet that you’ll never wear again and choose a charity to donate them to. Put the bag in your car to deliver it.

Day 15 of 30: Do Nothing. Today is your day to be still for 10 minutes. Go outside and sit and soak in the world. Clear your mind. You deserve it.

Day 16 of 30: Clean out your medicine cabinet. Trash duplicates and anything that may be expired. Make sure you have the essentials.

Day 17 of 30: Quit something today. Just say no.

Day 18 of 30: Write out three simple dinners you can make with the ingredients already in your pantry.

Day 19 of 30: Detox your social media feeds. Unfollow anyone who makes  you feel inadequate (even friends). Follow inspirational and encouraging accounts. Remember for 2016: social media is a highlight reel.

Day 20 of 30: Clean off your desk. Keep only the essentials including your computer, mousepad, a cup of pens, a lamp and one other special thing. Ditch the clutter. Wipe that desk (and keyboard) down.

Day 21 of 30: Clear the clutter on your computer. Delete unused files and organize important ones. Empty the trash. Set a new desktop wallpaper.

Day 22 of 30: Take inventory of all the items you allow to come into your mailbox. Visit: or

Day 23 of 30: Write your morning checklist and tape it to your fridge. Write your evening checklist and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Day 24 of 30: Schedule a getaway for sometime in 2016. a vacation or stay-cation: put the dates in your planner.

Day 25 of 30: Make a list of 10 easy, go-to meals. Tape it to the fridge for simple meal planning.

Day 26 of 30: Create your own Sunday prep-list. What makes you feel prepared for the week ahead?

Day 27 of 30: Write down ONE goal for this year. Just one. Tape it somewhere important so you see it every day.

Day 28 of 30: Organize your inbox. Use Try my Flag or Trash method for Inbox 0 everyday: red flag emails that need attention later. Delete everything else. Inbox 0. Done.

Day 29 of 30: Stock up on the household items you use all the time. Pay attention to BOGO sales. Make a list of these.

Day 30 of 30: Rest. Schedule 30 minutes alone once a week for the next four weeks for time to fill your well. You give away what you put in. Take care of yourself. You are worthy.


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