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2-01We are finally just a few weeks away from our 2015 Simplified Planner launch!! That is also the date we *may* find out the genders of our sweet babies (if they cooperate!) Big day around here. My vote is two boys. I feel like I’m only capable of having boys for some reason, but we’ll see! :) 1-01 Alright, back to SPs. Many (!!!) of you have asked to see a direct comparison of our Daily and Weekly Editions. While I will always and forever adore the daily edition, I am smitten by the Weekly and am torn as to which I’ll be using in 2015. The Weekly and Daily Editions have a few differences, I’ll outline them here: as-01 If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post and we’ll get back to you! A few full-disclosure notes:

  • We do not have nearly as many Weekly Editions as we do Daily Editions. All are limited (meaning – we won’t have more after this run) but the Weekly Edition is very limited.
  • The Daily Edition can also be found in our fab retail stores. The Weekly Edition is only available in our shop (this year).
  • ALL Simplified Planners will ship the NEXT business day after your purchase! Yeehaw! We’re fully prepared to ship a bazillion on September 4, so get your order in on launch day!
  • Mark your calendars for September 3 at 10am EST!!

xo, Emily

PS: Check out the inside pages below! :) Click the images to enlarge them and view them up close.

Inside-02 Inside-03

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