Ten Ways to Use a Simplified Mini Notebook
Ten Ways to Use a Simplified Mini Notebook
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We’re convinced Mini Notebooks are your Simplified Planner’s best friend. The one that keeps your secrets, reminds you what to grab at the store, and even listens when you’re too stressed. Our Mini Notebooks have been a favorite for quite some time now because they are so helpful, functional, and always beautiful. If you’re on the go and don’t want to bring your SP, simply bring a Mini Notebook and transfer the details later. If you’re needing a space to get thoughts out of your head, let your Mini Notebook take them from you! If you’re struggling between two of your favorite Simplified designs, pick one for your planner and one for your Mini Notebook – problem solved!  

Here are 10 different ways that we love to use a Simplified Mini Notebook

  1. All the lists – groceries, to-do, etc.  
  2. Brain dumps 
  3. Meeting (or podcast) notes 
  4. Memory keeper – document funny & cute things your kids say 
  5. Budget and finance tracker 
  6. Password keeper 
  7. Health and wellness tracker 
  8. Perpetual calendar of birthdays and anniversaries 
  9. Wishlist for gifts – to give or receive
  10. Favorite quotes – inspiring and motivational! 
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