Ten Ways to Simplify Your Week
Ten Ways to Simplify Your Week
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Hi, friends! Sometimes it's easy to feel out of control when the weeks get busy. Between dinner and practices and weeknight obligations, everything piles up. Team Simplified gathered ten ways to simplify your week, and we really hope these tactical tips help you feel less overwhelmed. P.S. If you're not needing help to simplify your day-to-day right now, save this one for later! 

Ten Ways to Simplify Your Week: 

  1. Write all your tasks down daily. Cross them off as you finish each item! 
  2. Declutter your physical living space for a clearer headspace. 
  3. On Monday, set tangible goals to achieve by Friday. 
  4. Let go of the worries you cannot control by writing them down!
  5. Disconnect from your phone by reducing screen time and reclaiming your productivity. 
  6. Save a little extra money by skipping something unnecessary or costly. 
  7. Choose a healthy recipe with few ingredients to make and enjoy. 
  8. Unsubscribe from emails you don't need to receive.  
  9. Prepare for tomorrow – lay out your clothes and pack your lunch the night before. 
  10. Savor 15 minutes of alone time each day.  
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