Ten Screen-free Activities for Summer
Ten Screen-free Activities for Summer
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Hi, friends! Can you believe summer is already here?! I'm ready for the sunny days ahead and thankful my kiddos are out of school, but I'm also figuring out how to set us up for success while spending our days at home. With summer comes more freedom and just reassures my family's need for structure. It's easy to fall into a pattern of allowing more screen time and what feels like a million snacks for my kids (and even myself), but I want to try and keep us as busy as possible. I'm not talking about a busy that's overwhelming, but a beautiful busy that makes us forget about apps and emails in a buzzing world. 

Whatever season of life you are in right now, we encourage you to use summer as a time to engage in the small details you love. Team Simplified created a list of ideas to keep you (and kids) engaged without a digital device at your fingertips. Give your brain the screen break it wants and deserves and enjoy every moment of it! 

 Ten Screen-free Activities for Summer: 

  1. Read a book – find your favorite spot and cozy up with a great read! 
  2. Draw pictures & write letters – ask a local nursing home or hospital if you can give your work to residents and patients. It will be so special to someone that needs a smile. 
  3. Invite a friend on a walk – catching up while exercising is a win-win!  
  4. Play card or board games – grab your favorite snacks or candy to make it feel a little more out of the ordinary. 
  5. Bake a new (to you) sweet treat. 
  6. Picnic in the park – fresh air and a homemade (or drive-thru) lunch. So fun!  
  7. Simple experiments – an easy-clean-up activity with few necessary materials can keep young minds entertained for quite some time. Open the door to imagination and creativity with hands-on sensory play! 
  8. Start a gratitude journal – write down something you are grateful for every day. It will serve as a lovely keepsake for happy summer memories when fall comes around.
  9. Play outside – I want my kids to create pretend restaurants and play school and fly to the moon and be exactly who they want to be in our backyard. Inspire yours to do the same!  
  10. Donate 5 toys. Share 5 books. Gift clothes that no longer fit to someone in need! 
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