Team Simplified's Holiday Cookie Exchange
Team Simplified's Holiday Cookie Exchange
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Hi, friends! Team Simplified exchanged cookie recipes to virtually share sweets with each other, along with a memory or two of why each cookie means more than taste. The idea behind a cookie exchange (or even just recipes) doesn’t have to be about the cookie, but the thought in sharing something you love with someone you love. Although this year may present some challenges for holiday traditions, we can still celebrate by baking and sharing festive cookies with family and friends. 

Bake a cookie on our list and share with someone in your corner – even if it's a porch drop off. Write a note and add one of the cutest gift tags from our Free Printable Library to make the gift complete. We are so excited to encourage y’all to gift valued time and special memories through a cookie from the warmth of your heart and home to theirs. 

Let’s exchange more cookie recipes on Instagram today! Come tell us your favorites in the comments. 

Emily – Peanut Butter Blossoms

When my kids were little, I was always invited to this HUGE cookie exchange. I loved going, but didn't have time to make anything from scratch (and had to bring six dozen). So I’d put Brady in charge of unwrapping Hershey Kisses and I'd buy slice-and-bake peanut butter cookie dough to make an "easy" version of our favorite recipe. No one ever knew the difference! 

They're still my favorite bc they remind me of baby Brady on the counter opening Hershey kisses and eating every other one.

Hannah – Buckeyes 

My mom always made buckeyes around Christmas time when I was growing up, so they’ve become my very favorite. I also love gifting these to friends with a Recipe Binder for the holidays. These homemade cookies and Simplified's beautiful Recipe Binder make such a sweet gift!

Jessa – No Bake Cookies

I've made these with my Grandma Vickie since I was a little girl. It was an all day affair – cookies then Christmas lights! I remember how proud I was to stand on a stool and get to actually cook over the oven. My arm always got tired from stirring in the oats and I probably added a lot more headache to that recipe, but she was always so glad to have me. No Bake Cookies are now one of my most favorite things to make merely because it reminds me of her and those memories.

    Laura – Peanut Clusters

    While these are technically not cookies, Peanut Clusters are my favorite holiday treat to make and share because they are the perfect combo of sweet & salty, require 3 ingredients and take 10 minutes from start to finish. An all-around WIN for me! They are so delicious and a crowd favorite.

    I also love Peanut Clusters because they remind me of my Dad who would make batches and batches of these every Christmas Eve after coming home from church. My siblings and I would change into our Santa jammies and then head to the kitchen to “help” Dad make peanut clusters, aka, try not to get caught sneaking a few off of the wax paper before they were dry! Now it’s a tradition I love doing with my girls the night before Christmas!

    Taylor – Crinkle Cookies

    As a child, my husband, Brett, made Crinkle Cookies for Santa so we started the tradition with our daughter, Kennedy, last year for her very first Christmas! If you've never had them, think soft, fudge brownies with powdered sugar on top! They're SO good! 

      Lindsey – White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

      These are my absolute favorite cookies for the holidays. My mom and I have done a cookie bake with a few family friends since I was little, and this recipe has always been my pick to make. (One year I accidentally overlooked the sugar and everyone laughed about the most important, very forgotten ingredient, but that's a story for another time!) There’s something about the bright red cranberries that make these cookies pretty (and so tasty) for the season.

      Whitney – Chocolate Chip Cookies

      Simply the greatest chocolate chip cookies in all the land. I know it's not specifically a holiday cookie, but a classic in our house for sure!

      Dusty – Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

      My girls and I make these every year, with no exception! And according to my 14 year old, the stocking cookie cutter must be used or Christmas is "ruined!" We take traditions very seriously in our house. 

        Brittany – Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

        These are my very favorite! For an added holiday spin, I sub peppermint extract in for the vanilla! I'm excited to make these cookies this year for our first Christmas as a family of six! 

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