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One of our team's favorite ways to get the most out of our Simplified Planners is by using our Simplified accessories! They're simple, easy to use, and make each of your days a little bit brighter. We talked recently about what our favorite accessories are, and here's what we each said: 

EmilyColor Coding Stickers!! I color code work one color and family another. It helps take inventory of my day and what I have left to do really easily. I run out ALL the time! Don't tell, but I'm stockpiling them in my desk drawer... (P.S. These will be restocked within the next couple of months!) 

Dusty: My favorite planner accessory is our Mini Notebooks. They are so convenient to keep in my planner for making lists and then tossing them in my bag to run errands.

Jessa: I would have to say my two BELOVED accessories are the Dapperdesk Legal Pad and the Gold Dot Pen. I use them everyday! I tend to jot crazy things down throughout the day... things I need from the store, dimensions of a graphic I need to create, subtasks of tasks that are in my planner etc. so the Legal Pad is PERFECT for this. Plus the backside is blank which means a ton of doodle room! Also the sound of that Gold Dot Pen is dreamy, it makes writing bills down way more fun!

Whitney: The navy blue Stretchy Band for sure! I actually keep the band wrapped around the page I'm currently on (instead of the outside cover) and then tuck extra notes in between the pages.

Brittany: I LOVE my Simplified Planner Paper Clips! They help me mark the page on my Daily edition. My only problem now--deciding which of our cute designs to choose!

Taylor: I absolutely LOVE the Sticker Book! It's FULL of fun stickers for the holidays, everyday tasks, fitness and there's even emojis! I have to say that I use the arrow stickers the most to point out important "to-dos" and "don't forgets" in my planner.

Hannah: All of our stickers! I love them because they're SO simple to use but help me organize and add a little bit of color to each of my days! I like to write out all of my events and to-do's and then add a little sticker next to big events. 

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