Team Simplified's Amazon Finds
Team Simplified's Amazon Finds
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Hi, friends! How are you? We're here to check in on you, as we know you probably worry about everyone else–family, friends, kids, you name it–before yourself.

Our team has been checking in on each other even more lately because of the additional stress of this year. It's a blessing we are able to support friends from afar, even when that means sharing ideas to stay busy at home during quarantine or how they can help after a hurricane. We often laugh because our texts are usually a mix of swooning over next year's Simplified Planner covers, supporting a tired mama, or who is currently buying what on Amazon!

With nine of us now, our Amazon list widely ranges from organization to self care, but all still remains very practical! We rounded up a few of our favorite things and couldn't wait to share with y'all.

Treat yourself to simplicity from Amazon – check in on you!

    1. Stackable Organizing Bins – Best, Favorite, Necessary as always. 
    2. The Best Leggings (for the best price!) 
    3. Face Cleansing Brush – helps simplify your skincare routine. 
    4. Portable Charger   
    5. Water Pitcher
    6. Smoothie Cups – the four color pack is so fun! 
    7. Beauty Blender 
    8. Emily's Favorite Robot Vacuum – easy, stress-free cleanup. 
    9. Bento-style Kids Lunch Box 
    10. Golden Eye Mask
    11. Water Bottle – cute & insulated! 
    12. Emily's FB Live Tripod
    13. Ice Roller – great for headaches or puffy eyes.
    14. Glass Nail File
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