Summer Reading List for Kids
Summer Reading List for Kids
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Hi, friends! This may just be our favorite reading list yet. After creating our summer reading list for adults, it only made sense to share a list for kids too! It's so exciting to watch little minds fall in love with reading, and I think I have some readers on my hands with Brady, Caroline, and Tyler. I always want to teach, show, and initiate enjoying less of what over stimulates our kids and more of the good stuff – not only in the months ahead, but for the rest of their lives. Here's to more time in books, big imaginations, and unlocking a whole new world through creative words. Happy summer, friends! 

Over the years, we've had several favorite books, so we added our family favorites, along with new ones that we are growing into. Summer is the perfect time to read, but this list will be perfect all year round. 

Summer Reading List for Kids

Baby - One Year:

 Ages 2+:

Ages 4/5+: 

Ages 8+:  

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