How to Have a Summer Girls Night in the Middle of Quarantine
How to Have a Summer Girls Night in the Middle of Quarantine
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Hi, friends! Summer is in full swing, and we thought it would be fun to brainstorm a few girls night ideas with y’all! Every now and then, it just seems necessary to catch up with the gals, to check in on their hearts, and refuel with laughter! Whether it’s a phone call or an actual date, friendship in any form is good for the soul.

If you’re having trouble thinking of who to invite to your girls night, don’t forget that family members, colleagues, and neighbors can turn into friends, and old friends you haven't spoken to in awhile are always there too! Even if your support system feels far away, we're sure they aren't quite as far as you think. It may be time to reconnect! 

The key to a fun night is thinking of ways to make it feel special – not fancy or expensive – just outside the box of a regular evening at home! Our favorite way to carry this out is by setting the table and serving our friends. You get to truly show them what a blessing they are in your life. With social distancing still in effect in most communities (and so, so important–– please don't gather if it isn't safe!), we wanted to included a virtual option for you, too! There really are no limits on how to love your people well, even in the midst of a crazy year. 

Girls Night! 

  1. Invite a few girlfriends over for an evening.
  2. Pick up the cutest paper plates and napkins (simple prep + clean up!).
  3. Light a candle and add a vase of flowers to your table.
  4. Make your favorite dips and drinks.
  5. Enjoy your company!

 Quarantine GNO!

  1. Invite a few girlfriends to Zoom (or FaceTime) and bake the same recipe together.
  2. Text the ingredient list to prepare ahead of time.
  3. Everyone login to join each other in your kitchen.
  4. Bake and share stories like you’re in the same room.
  5. Enjoy your virtual company! 

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