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Hi friends!


Happy March! I hope the first two months of 2018 have been great. If you're like me, you probably started 2018 with great intentions. Trash bags got stuffed. Donations were made. Closets were cleared. Commitments to simplicity were firmed and you had high hopes for big changes. And it felt good, right? Really good! And slowly the luster wore away... and real life set back in... and now, maybe you're struggling to STAY simplified? I know I am.


The thing about living a simplified life is that it's a journey, not a destination. Doing the HARD work in the beginning (saying NO to extra commitments, decluttering your home in a big way, instituting routines and rhythms that work for your family) sets you up to embark on the journey EMPOWERED. Don't skip this big step. But if you've done this, and you find that you're struggling a bit right now -- know that you're not alone. It's tough. 


But a wholehearted commitment to living a life rich in the good stuff and void of as much distraction, drama, and overwhelm as possible will get you through the times where life feels all but simple. If you're feeling a bit under water right now, here are three simple steps to shake it off and get back to living simply.


1. Clear a day on your calendar. You're busy, I get it. But do this. Pick a Monday or a Saturday or a Sunday. Whatever day works for you - set it aside.


2. Use part of the day to catch up. Get your home back to square one. Laundry done and put away. Groceries stocked. Clutter put (or thrown / donated) away. If you've already done the hard work we discussed in A Simplified Life, this part won't take too terribly long. It's just a refresh.


3. Use the second part of the day to unwind, savor, and soak in simplicity. Go play in the backyard. Watch a movie with your family (put blankets and pillows on the floor; they'll love it). Have a picnic on the porch (PB&J is a remarkably fantastic dinner, especially with kids). Turn on some soft music and enjoy something very non-fantastic at home. No need to buy fancy food or fancy toys or set up something super fabulous for everyone. Choose something that is simple and good We did this last weekend when we had a picnic in the backyard. The weather was nice. The electronics were put away (cell phones included - not a picture was taken). We enjoyed the grass, the breeze, the ham sandwiches, the fruit, and each other. Simple and good.


Let me know how it goes. Sometimes a reset day is all you need to stay simplified. 





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