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Wow, I am seriously so humbled and in awe of the response to my last blog post: Infertility, It is well with my soul. Wow. Just wow. It’s unbelievable how many women – how many of YOU – how many of my dearest friends have dealt with this. I’m just amazed at the work God is doing in your lives, and in mine, while we travel this journey. I started a little hashtag on Instagram for anyone interested in sharing their story or journey. It’s #journeytobaby. Feel free to use it if you’re ready to share. I think its so important that we share our stories and support each other along the way. That said, I remember a not-so-long ago time when I (and my husband) was not ready to share. I remember those feelings all too well. Yesterday I had our first appointment of our second month on a high dosage of Femara. Our eighth month (trying to baby #2) on medication. Next month we’ll try IUI for the first time ever.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent me emails and commented on that post. It touched me to my CORE to know you would have all hugged the crying, flourescent girl in the NC airport. :) No, really, it means so much. I remember being in that moment and feeling so alone. But, honestly, I think God wanted me to sit there. Alone. And cry. Sometimes you just have to sit in the pain of any situation and thank God for breaking you down so He can build you back up.

Thursday, we’re hosting our annual Spring Cleaning Flash Sale in the shop. All kinds of pretties are on sale. I’m excited to clear the clutter (pretty clutter) and get ready for the new products and designs we’ll be releasing this Summer (including the 2013 Simplified Planners, Simplified Wedding Planners and NEW Simplified Recipe Planners). If you’re not on our mailing list – hop on it. You’ll find out first when they are available for purchase. We sold out last year in three months, so get ready!

In the spirit of clearing the clutter and preparing for a great Spring ahead, I’m excited to share with you my NEW favorite desk accessory!! The Mobee Magic Mouse charging station. Guys. Do you know how often my silly magic mouse DIES!? Always right in the middle of a project. Every time. And it. makes. me. crazy. I’m all about simplifying and finding solutions for things that waste time (right?) so discovering this at my local Apple store made my WEEK.

And…. I’m excited to give one away to a lucky reader! To enter, simply leave a note below and give us some feedback and ideas for our new release! We’d love to know what types of paper products would help you as you organize your home and families. For instance: I’m in the process of designing some new printables for the Simplified Planner – and I just KNOW I need one for Birthday Party Planning! Or, we will also be releasing new 8.5 x 11 notepads this summer! I know I could use one or ten of those. Excited to hear what you’d like to see in our new release! Two rules: it must be made of paper and it must be organizational.

HOORAY! I’ll draw a name at random on Tuesday, March 26 at noon EST to win the Mobee Magic Mouse Charging Station!

Happy Spring Cleaning!



pretty photo at the top by Gina Zeidler

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