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School is officially out, and we’re pulling out all of our favorite summer recipes! We love eating outdoors this time of year, especially in the evenings after it’s cooled off a bit. Our absolute favorite recipes for summer are ones that are easy, delicious, and can be eaten poolside (bonus points if it can be cooked on the grill!). We’re always on the hunt for new recipes that meet our criteria! So today, we’re sharing six yummy dishes that we’re dying to try this summer. What’s your favorite summer recipe? 


1) Spinach Salad with Shrimp and Warm Bacon Dressing: This one had us at “warm bacon dressing.” Perfect for a girls’ lunch by the pool!   

2) Hawaiian Burgers: Pineapples. Cayenne. And Teriyaki Sauce. We love a good, classic burger, but we can’t wait to try this Hawaiian burger recipe at our next cook out. 

3) Fish Tacos with Summer Salsa: Fish tacos will always be one of our favorite summer meals. This recipe calls for fresh squeezed lime and sliced avocados. Two of our faves! 

4) Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken with Pineapple Salsa: A fun twist on a classic favorite. This pineapple salsa looks incredible! 

5) Grilled Guacamole: Everything in the summer tastes better when it’s grilled including guacamole! 

6) Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips: We love this recipe because it makes a perfect snack, appetizer, or dessert. Your little ones will love it, too!


photo via: SC Stockshop



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