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Do you ever look around at the crazy mess that is your life and think… I just want to sit and soak. This is all passing by so fast and I just want to soak it up. Every drop of it.

One day Brady is going to be ten and be too cool to kiss me on the lips and too big for me to scoop him up and hold him in my arms. One day our health wont be perfect. One day business will be harder, more stressful, more demanding. One day my marriage will be more challenging.

But right now I just want to soak. it. up. Life is good.

Truth is, I came back from the Making Things Happen tour really spent. My brain was tired and my heart was longing for my bed, my family, my little boy… I didn’t want to dig deep anymore. I didn’t want to think about how to make things better anymore. I didn’t want to work hard anymore.

And that bothered me a bit. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to feel like that… that I always had to want more, bigger, better. And it was yesterday, while my little family of three did next to nothing — running errands, cleaning up the house, reading books in the living room… that I realized… thats ok. Life is good.

And sometimes God tells us to stop working so hard, slow down and enjoy His blessings. Stop questioning, stop wanting, stop BUILDING. Just be. And it occured to me that THAT is the point. Making things happen in your life is about focusing on what is most important to you. About prioritizing. About knowing when to build and when to stop. And about finding gratitude even when things aren’t “perfect.”

This year and last year were enormous years of change for me. I became a Mom. I worked my tail off. I launched a lot of new things. I went from working 80 hours a week to 24. I unplugged. I slowed down. I soaked it up.

My wish, as the end of the year approaches, is that 2013 is a lot like 2012 was. Cause it was just plain ol’ good. I’m so grateful for the gazillion friends I’ve made through Making Things Happen. You guys inspire me to dig deep when necessary and sit and soak when necessary too. I hope you all take some time this holiday season to sit and soak also.



PS: Our holiday photo card sets will be up in the shop tomorrow : ) They make me happy. Not just bc my smiley little man is on each one, but because they’re all about celebrating what really matters.

pretty photo by Gina Zeidler

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