Simplifying Life in a Crisis #6
Simplifying Life in a Crisis #6: Helping & Encouraging
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Helping & Encouraging

Hi, friends! This post is such an important one. While we're all being affected by what's happening in our world right now, there are people who are either a) most susceptible to COVID-19 or b) on the front lines helping the sick and / or doing what they can to keep things going. This includes, but is not limited to, the elderly, the immune compromised, health care workers, grocery store / shop employees, civic leaders, etc. For this post, I consulted our friends and followers for ideas. And here are a few. I hope these inspire you to do what you can and also give you a bit of positivity and happiness while you witness the goodness of humanity in action.

  • Giving Starbucks gift cards to grocery store workers.
  • Kids are coloring pictures to send to nursing home residents who can't have visitors.
  • Sending small gift cards to airline employees and healthcare workers.
  • Donating money to the local food bank.
  • Grocery shopping for elderly neighbors.
  • FaceTiming elderly relatives who aren't able to receive visitors.
  • Making Easter baskets for a local homeless foundation.
  • If you're local to Pensacola, Tacos Mexicanos on 12th has an option to buy tacos for those in need.
  • Giving to organizations that are feeding kids who usually receive free breakfast and / or lunch at school.
  • By staying home. <- yes!
  • Showing patience, kindness, and understanding to a healthcare field spouse.
  • Buying Girl Scout cookies for grocery store employees.
  • Checking on elderly friends and neighbors daily.
  • Buying gift cards from small community restaurants to help keep them afloat.
  • Praying for those right in the middle of all of this.
  • Shopping for my church's local food ministry.
  • Thanking every store employee I see for being here and doing a great job.
  • Making an extra bath of supper to take to elderly neighbors.
  • Signing up to volunteer to be quarantined at a senior living center where I work.
  • Donating extra books to low income schools so kids take a book home when picking up food.
  • Being there for military families who are on a travel ban and can't move.
  • Smiling at people on walks.
  • Prepaying for my next haircut. <- ok, this is so kind. Coming from a small business owner, this really is thoughtful.
  • Mailing our offering to church and watching online.
  • Making cards to send to grandparents. 
  • Making a basket of snacks for our delivery drivers.
  • Holding work meetings virtually rather than in person.
  • Pray! Sending a message or calling to ask how I can pray for specific things.
  • Shouting small / local business websites and specials from the rooftops!
  • Helping elderly neighbors with laundry so they don't have to go to the laundromat. 
  • Encouraging our kids to intentionally do a random act of kindness daily.
  • Making banana bread porch deliveries.
  • Placed cookies on my porch for the neighborhood kids.
  • Left notes for our neighbors that we'd cook and leave food if they get sick.
  • Gathering resources to share with parents and home-based-learning (I'm a librarian).
  • Supporting fellow small business owners from afar with likes, comments, shares, etc. 
  • I'm giving tips even for take-out. Every dollar counts.
  • I'm sharing good news on social media and by word of mouth. The world needs more good news right now.
  • Checking in on teachers and educators who are coming up with new systems right now.
  • Embracing the inherent slowness of this time. Choosing to be hopeful instead of afraid. Choosing to be proactive instead of reactive. 

Well, I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list. Everyone needs a little extra love and grace right now. Let's keep it going, even after this pandemic ends.

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