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For YEARS I’ve been meaning to sit down with my Pantone Solid Uncoated swatch book and match Waste Not Paper’s Collection (Waste Not Paper is the wholesale side of Paper-Source). Yesterday, I finally shot them an email and low and behold – they have suggested CMYK and Pantone matches for each of their 2011 Collection colors. They have a fabulous product and are one of my favorites for high quality colored envelopes. So, I took their suggestions and made them into a pretty printable you can print and display for easy access. If you open this in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use the eyedropper tool to suck the colors out of this palette and paint your design. Each swatch is CMYK and the bottom corner squares are their Pantone match. “But these don’t match on my screen and they don’t match my WNP swatch book?” you’re thinking. They’re not supposed to. That’s because monitors display RGB colors. Many process printers (digital or home printers) print in CMYK and high quality (offset, letterpress, screen printing) printers print in spot colors or PANTONE. Don’t worry, they’ll match in person.

You can also download this file and create your own Color Library in Illustrator to have these beautiful hues just a click away! Voila – A designer’s life made simpler. Enjoy!

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