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Go-To Beauty Products

With so many products out there on the market, it’s hard to narrow down which products you need (and will actually make a difference in your appearance!) and which ones will just add more time to your morning routine. Keeping it simple and not re-inventing the wheel every morning is key, especially when you’re pressed for time or have little ones running around. Find a couple of products that work for you, and stick with them! Today our team is answering the question, “What one beauty product can you not live without?” Here are our favorites:

“My go-to is MAC’s Pro Longwear Blush in Whole Lotta Love. It’s the perfect shade of bright pink :)” – Emily, Creative Director

“Mascara! My eyelashes are SO light (I joke that they’re clear!), it’s the one thing I am sure to put on every day!” – Brittany, Director of Sales and Operations

“Under eye concealer! I love Bobbi Brown’s corrector + concealer kit. It hides my naturally dark circles and tired mama eyes.” – Gina, Director of Marketing 

“The ENTIRE Herbivore Botanicals line has changed the game for my skin, and it’s totally natural! I think the one product I couldn’t go without would be their Bamboo Charcoal Bar Soap since I use it multiple times a day.” – Whitney, Senior Designer

“Mascara! I look tired, and usually get the, ‘are you feeling okay’ from people if I’m not wearing any.” – Dusty, Project Manager

“I recently discovered Pixi’s Glow Tonic, and it is incredible! It’s one of the only beauty products that I can’t go without (Morrocanoil Hair Treatment is a close second!).” – Hannah, Director of Content and Brand Partnerships 



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