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2017 Bucket List

We’re big believers in making lists and writing things down, and not just when it comes to our daily to-do lists! One of the pages at the very front of the Simplified Planner is for your Yearly Bucket List. This is a place for you to write down goals for you and your family. Take a beach vacation. Read more books. Spend Friday nights eating pizza on the floor. These are the things that fill your well and help you be the best version of yourself for the people around you. Decide what you want to do at the end of the year, and write it down. This week we asked the ladies on our Simplicity Series what’s on their bucket list for this year. Here’s what they said:

“Travel outside of the country – already achieved! My husband and I went to Europe this past March for our first-ever “away from the kids for more than 3 days” honeymoon! We had a blast!” – Lacoya Heggie, wife, mama, and founder of Hello Love Events

“We want to visit all 50 states before the kids leave for college so we are hoping to take some time off this summer and rent a place for a few weeks somewhere we have never been!” – Shay Cochrane, wife, mama to two sweet girls, and photographer extraordinaire

“I’ve always wanted to take each of my kids on their first Disney trip when they turned 5 years old. Ava, my newly-turned 5 year old and I head that way on April 9th, and I literally cannot wait!” – Beth Gebhard, wife, mama to 2, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

“Travel more, finish our home reno, feel more rested and healthy, read 10 books for leisure (not including work books).” – Kerry Gardner, wife, dog mama, and publicist extraordinaire

“I want to visit a country I’ve never been to before. I love to travel and during college I lived abroad for a semester. I’m dying to explore somewhere new this year!” – Maggie Rheney, Samford grad, avid book reader, and associate publicist at Choice  Media and Communications

“Having a baby :) Once summer hits, I know my mind will go on auto-pilot waiting for that due date!” – Rachel Cruze, wife, mama, author, and finance guru

“Get my 6-month old son to sleep through the night. Become a best-selling author. Get a PR on a mid-distance race (5K, 10K or half-marathon). In that order!” – Christy Wright, wife, boy mama, speaker, and author of Business Boutique

“My word for 2017 is FUN, so I intend to inject is as much as possible in the year and that includes a SUMMER BUCKET LIST. We made one last year for the first time and it revolutionized our summer with the boys. I absolutely intend to do that again this year. Plus, I hope to have two getaways with my husband before the end of the year. It restores our marriage and enhances our relationship when we are intentional about getting away together alone.” – Heather Adams, wife, mama, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

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