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I wish I could write the secret key to balancing the two things I (already) love SO much, but I’m only just beginning this journey as a working, multiple business-owning, passionate, ambitious wife + mama. Really intensely beginning when I started my journey with Lara and Gina on the Making Things Happen tour, I’ve been thinking, list-making, researching, seeking trusted advice and really delving into the idea of doing it ALL. Making it ALL happen.

And what have I heard? A lot of women think it’s impossible – to be a loving wife, a good mama and an ambitious business woman. But many women (this side outweighs the other) believe its not only possible – but completely do-able. It’s not so much about balancing it all… but more about knowing when (and how to gracefully) shift the “weight” of each from side to side – aka PRIORITIZING.

I am bound and determined to make this happen. Mark my word – on the evening of December 5, 2010 as I sit next to my Christmas tree and type away on my MacBook with little 30 wk Bman gently dancing away in my belly… I will make this happen. I will be an exceptional wife, a rockstar Mom and a game-changing, limit-pushing designer.

My work will not detract from my enormous responsibilities as a wife and mother. Instead, my work and passions will serve as living examples to Brady of all that is possible when you dream big, work hard and live your life to its fullest potential. I want him to know that he does not have to choose between becoming an accountant, a teacher or a doctor (all extremely noble choices – my mom is a teacher, in fact – a great one). But I want him to know that if his heart does lead him elsewhere, it is okay for him to follow it – even if his desires are to be a lion tamer, a stock broker or an NFL line-backer (Bryan is praying about this as we speak).

As the Week 30 mile-marker approaches in just days, I’ve started preparing, list-making and streamlining as much as I possibly can in preparation for February (likely his birth month). I’ve compiled a list of lists (if you will) that I hope other soon-to-be-mamas will find helpful. And for all you seasoned pros out there – leave a note here! Let me know what one item you can’t live without – and what processes make running your business and caring for your little one easier. I’ll add them here.



  • INVOICING – Freshbooks (manage clients, track time and send invoices) free
  • CONTRACTS – EchoSign (send electronic agreements to receive digital signatures online – no faxing required) free
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Skype (connect with clients and vendors via chat and video, file sharing and screen sharing as well) free
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – TweetDeck + Boxcar (iPhone app) (organize social media accounts and receive push notifications on your iPhone) free
  • TRAVEL – TripIt (forward confirmation emails to and they set up an itinerary for you!) free
  • TO-DO – Things for Mac (software and iPhone app – based on the Getting Things Done theories of time management, very useful and simple to use) $50 (software) + $10 (app)

Hope these are helpful. Next up – my baby bucket list: a more personal list of things to accomplish and experience before Bryan and I welcome little Bman into our lives.

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