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Kitchen Essentials

What foods do you always have on hand in your kitchen? It’s so much easier to meal plan when we have a few staple food items that we know are always in our kitchen. Having healthy, ready-to-go snacks and meals on hand that we can grab throughout the week just makes things so much easier when things get busy. We’re also less likely to spend more money going out to eat (or stopping by Starbucks for a quick snack) when we have things readily available in our kitchen. Here are our favorite food items to always have on hand:

“Pepperidge Farm 15 grain bread. Avocados. Fresh fruit (bananas, clementines, and berries). Boars Head parmesan cheese (so delicious on salads, in lasagna, or paired with crackers and fruit).” – Emily Ley, Creative Director 

“Cape Cod salt & vinegar chips, gala apples, and oatmeal.” – Whitney, Senior Designer 

“I always make these chicken hash browns from The Healing Kitchen and keep them in the freezer. I’ll heat them up and eat them with berries for a healthy breakfast or a mid-morning snack several times a week. I also like to stock up on plantain chips + guacamole from Trader Joe’s for afternoon snacks and Diana’s Bananas for a healthy dessert.” – Hannah, Director of Content and Brand Partnerships

“Apples, trail mix, and a bag of popcorn for quick snacks.” – Gina Hafley, Director of Marketing

“I try to keep my pantry stocked with pastas of different shapes (penne, spaghetti, rigatoni and medium shells) and canned tomatoes (tomato sauce, diced/crushed tomatoes and tomato paste), and I always extra meat in the freezer (Italian sausage, ground beef, and chicken breasts). On a given night, I can almost always throw together spaghetti with meat sauce or rigatoni with Italian sausage in 30 mins or less!” – Brittany Werth, Director of Sales and Operations 

“Sweet potatoes. Sounds simple but they are so versatile. Right now we are loving sweet potato hash browns for breakfast, taco meat over sweet potatoes for dinner, and sweet potato fries whenever possible!” – Dusty Pyatt, Community Development Director 


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