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What Makes us Feel Welcome

Our homes are one of the most special areas in our lives. They’re our safe place– where we raise our children and make special memories with friends and family. We naturally want others to feel welcome in our homes (just as we do!), but so often this task is overcomplicated and leads us to feeling stressed out, worn thin, and not enjoying the time we have with our friends and family. We want to simplify the idea of hospitality and learn to savor that time instead. When we cut out all of the unnecessary to-dos and over the top gestures, not only do we put less pressure on ourselves, but our guests feel more at home, and we are able to spend time making precious memories that will last a lifetime. Today, we asked the ladies of our Simplicity Series what makes them feel the most at welcome when spending time at someone else’s home. Here’s what they said:

“An invitation to sit. Someone asking if I would like to have something to drink. Partaking in a home-cooked meal together. All of those things make me feel extremely well taken care of and welcome.”– Lacoya Heggie, wife, mama, and founder of Hello Love Events

“Good food!  A thought out meal or snack.  I think food is my love language!” – Shay Cochrane, wife, mama to two sweet girls, and photographer extraordinaire

“When they are real … I went to a friend’s house just yesterday, in fact. Her 2 year- old son was having a massive tantrum, and she didn’t get embarrassed, she simply hit the blender, made us margaritas, opened her back door for the kids to play in the yard, and she put out pre-made PBJ sandwiches for the kids. Now THAT’S my kind of friend! ” – Beth Gebhard, wife, mama to 2, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

“I think it is different for everyone. I love going to people’s homes and seeing the personal things – photos and memories that are important t them. And then learning about those mementos.”  – Kerry Gardner, wife, dog mama, and publicist extraordinaire

“There is something so simple and welcoming about a candle burning. It just shows that the host took some extra time to make sure everything felt warm and welcoming.” – Maggie Rheney, Samford grad, avid book reader, and associate publicist at Choice  Media and Communications

“Eating a meal with them. Sharing a meal together is something that I absolutely love to do.” – Rachel Cruze, wife, mama, author, and finance guru

“When they sit and relax with me. It’s not the perfect decorations, spotless counter tops or scented candles that makes me feel welcome. Actions and feelings are contagious, so if they are scurrying around trying to clean, cook, perform and put forth this Pinterest- perfect picture, I get stressed out not only for them in that moment, but also for myself because I begin thinking of all I should be doing more of in my own home! When a friend will stop doing and just sit back and sink into the couch with a cup of coffee and talk to me, when they put their phone down and look up to make eye contact and be present to have a real human conversation, that’s the most welcoming thing in the world.” – Christy Wright, wife, boy mama, speaker, and author of Business Boutique

“When they let me join them in the kitchen and help. It’s a privilege to serve others so assisting the hostess or host so that they can truly be present with us and not stressed is something I enjoy immensely. Plus, it makes me feel like we’re close. We’ve gotten past all the polite niceties and are so comfortable with each other that it’s second nature to just jump right in.” – Heather Adams, wife, mama, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

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