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Loving People Well Inside the Walls of Your Home

This month, we’re taking some time to talk about simplifying hospitality. Learning to express hospitality well is vital to cultivating a joyful life full of meaningful relationships. But what does practicing hospitality really look like when we implement it into our day-to-day life? We believe hospitality is not always found in the extravagant dinner parties or over-the-top gifts, but rather, it’s found in the mundane, ordinary tasks that often get overlooked. It’s found in loving our families well at home, serving meals to those who can’t serve themselves, and caring for our sick neighbor down the street. So today, we asked the ladies of our Simplicity Series how they love people well inside the walls of their home. Here’s what they said:

“I do my best to understand who they are, what makes them sad or happy. What they enjoy, what displays of love and affection they respond to the most. From there, I try to build a life that is nurturing and enjoyable for them – while also trying to teach them morals and how to be good to other people. It’s difficult at times – but mostly due to my flaws and not theirs.” – Lacoya Heggie, wife, mama, and founder of Hello Love Events

“It is different for each person and I don’t always do it well.  I love my littlest well through face to face time with hugs, kisses and cuddling. I love my husband well through time to talk together, verbally encouraging him and listening (undistracted) to whats going on with work in the evenings and on the weekends. I am still trying to figure out my oldest but I think she feels loved through time reading together alone in the evenings just her and I or before school in the carpool line and when she is allowed to come to “grown up” things like baby shower. I also think her love language is decorating for holidays and special events (haha) which is a struggle for me but I’m trying to love her well through getting better at it!” – Shay Cochrane, wife, mama to two sweet girls, and photographer extraordinaire

“Beyond the smothering of kisses and hugs and “I love yous” daily, I’d say that prioritizing time putting the phone down and playing with my kids, reminding my husband to go for a bike ride or beer with a friend (because he won’t do it unless I remind him to do it for sanity’s sake), and always apologizing and owning it when I make a mistake are the biggest ways I love my people well.” – Beth Gebhard, wife, mama to 2, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

“I love to cook. My heart is at it’s happiest when I’ve created a lovely tablescape, cooked a meal from scratch, and I am feeding the people I love. It absolutely fills my well and I am so grateful when I get to do it.” – Kerry Gardner, wife, dog mama, and publicist extraordinaire

“I think it’s important for family members or guests to know that you are focused on them. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with distractions, so I try to not be on my phone or distracted by the TV, but focused on spending time with them.” – Maggie Rheney, Samford grad, avid book reader, and associate publicist at Choice  Media and Communications

“Host events! We have a great house for entertaining, and I try to use it as much as possible, whether that’s throwing showers, hosting meetings, or just a fun night with friends!” – Rachel Cruze, wife, mama, author, and finance guru

“I act the way I want to feel. If I waited until I felt patient or loving or understanding, that feeling might not come. I’m tired many days and sometimes frustrated by situations outside my control. I can’t let my feelings dictate my actions because that’s not fair to those around me. As my friend Patsy Clairmont says, ‘Feelings don’t have a brain.’ But I do have a brain, and I use that instead. The feelings always follow when I act how I want to feel. That leads to a much more loving home environment rather than me sitting around grumpy, waiting for feelings of love, patience and peace to just appear. I can choose how to act, and so I can act patient when my son throws his food for the 47th time even if I am not feeling patient in that moment.” – Christy Wright, wife, boy mama, speaker, and author of Business Boutique

“I feed them. I love love love to entertain. Nourishing others by hosting them around our kitchen table allows me the opportunity to love them well. I enjoy crafting a great meal plan (even if it’s just homemade pizzas) and then living life with friends over food, wine and great conversation.” – Heather Adams, wife, mama, and co-founder of Choice Media and Communications

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