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Simplified Favorites: Cute, Comfy, Well-Covering Swimsuits
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Cute, Comfy, Well-Covering Swimsuits

Hi, friends! My coping mechanism with the current state of things is distraction. :) So I hope you're enjoying these "favorite things" posts! One of the hardest things for me to buy is swimsuits. I've carried three children (two at one time, even). I've lived 37 years. And this body prefers certain things to be a) comfortable and b) to feel cute! I *love* J.Crew swimsuits. I try on an absurd amount every year and usually end up selecting one to be my absolute favorite for the summer. Because I live in Florida, we're in the pool almost 9 months out of the year. In the summer, I live in my swimsuit so it has to be comfy, cute, and provide AMPLE coverage. No mom wants to be pulling up her top or fixing her bottom (WHAT is with all the swimsuits that barely cover the bottom! I digress...) all the time. These swimsuits are not only perfect for coverage, I can attest they run true to size, AND most of them are 50% off right now (as of this posting). I hope you enjoy! To click through to the links, simply click the little pink + box next to each swimsuit.

TLDR: You NEED the top right gingham suit and the one on the left, second row. Those are my FAVORITE swimsuits of ALL TIME! Hundreds of you bought that gingham one the last time I posted about it, so fast that it sold out!!

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