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Simplicity2-03Guys! I’m so EXCITED to share that we’re starting a new feature here on the blog. It’s called “Simplicity.” We’ll feature different ladies from around the web (all in different stages of life) and SIX products or tricks that help them add joy and simplicity to every day. THIS is what the simplified life is all about. I’m so excited to kick us off with my own six picks!


  1. THE LOLLA CUPAs a toddler mama, my kitchen and dishwasher are CONSTANTLY filled with all sorts of random kiddie cups, each with a gazillion parts and pieces. The Lolla Cup (that I first discovered on Shark Tank) has five pieces: a removable handle, flip-top lid, cup and two-part straw. The great part about the straw is that the bottom is weighted so it falls to wherever the milk is. Awesome! They’re also BPA free and made in the USA. They’re super easy to stick in a diaper bag and run out the door with. Plus, Brady thinks the duck face is funny. :) And no, we don’t own the pink one. Maybe one day! :)
  2. PROJECT LIFEIf you read my post a few weeks ago, you know I’ve fallen head over heals for Project Life. I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but with little time and a deepening desire to capture these fleeting moments, Project Life was the perfect answer. Becky Higgins (mastermind behind PL) just announced this adorable kit called Just Add Color that was designed exclusively for HSN! These adorable new pages have square spots PERFECT for Instagram prints! (Use Persnickety Prints to print ’em out!) How cute is this little layout from Simple as That!
  3. SKIP HOP BACK PACK: Ok, guys. This might be the greatest idea ever. My SIL does this with her toddlers and I LOVE IT. We bought Brady a dinosaur Skip Hop backpack and now HE CARRIES HIS OWN STUFF! :) Genius. We pack an extra pair of clothes (yay potty training), some snacks, water and a coloring book or two in his dino back pack and he thinks it’s AWESOME to wear it and carry it around. Mommy got her purse back! :)
  4. STARBUCKS MOBILE PAY APP: It’s no secret I love a half-caff, non-fat iced latte. It’s my special treat and tradition with Brady. When my hands are full, the Starbucks app on my phone (which is connected to an auto-reloading gift card) is so easy to pay with. Too easy, perhaps. One other cool thing I’ve figured out is that instead of giving Brady a juice box from Sbux, I now order him a tall 2% milk with ice. It’s small enough for his little hands and way less sugar than juice. Plus, he thinks it’s cool to have a cup with a big green straw like Mama.
  5. WHITE DIAMOND CROCODILE TIEKS: I’m not a shoe gal. Most of my shoes come from Target, heels included. But when I received a gift card at Engage!12 in West Palm to Tieks, I thought I’d give them a try. I chose the diamond white pair because they reminded me of wearing Keds when I was little :) and they are AWESOME! I wear them probably every other day. They’re really durable and super comfy. A black-legging-and-tank-top-wearing working mama’s dream. Highly recommend.
  6. SEAGRAM’S SPARKLING WATER: I don’t like drinking water. It has no taste!? Horrible, I know. So to get my agua (as Brady calls it) intake, I drink Seagram’s Blackberry Raspberry or White Peach (my fave) seltzer water. It’s DELICIOUS! No sugar, all natural, totally yummy. And no, there’s no alcohol in it, it’s just made by Seagrams :) Super easy and a little fancy. I like it.

Yesterday I was thinking about how much I like putting gas in my car (um, why, you ask?). Because I’ve found a gas station near me that still lets you click the handle and leave it while you walk around. Every time I put gas in my car, I use those 3-4 minutes to clean out my car. (Hello, my car is filled with straw papers and toddler mess). The trash can is right there and 3-4 minutes is all the time I need to grab all the trash and dump it. Two birds, one stone!


A LITTLE ABOUT EMILY: Well, you know me by now, but as we feature our friends here we’ll share a few details about them so that you can get to know them a little better. As for me, I’m a hard working, pony tail wearing, boy mama who loves good design, a good glass of Cab, my handsome husband and sweet boy more than anything. Image above by Michael Newman Photography. This photo got me all choked up during yesterday’s Make It Happen Webinar. This, my friends, is what life is all about.

This is so much fun! I can’t wait to feature some awesome ladies and their pick-six products and tricks that make life easier and happier. We’d love to know your tips and tricks too! Happy weekend!!




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