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Simplicity1-05I’m a wife, a mom, and a small business owner of Love-Inspired, a graphic and web design studio in Sunny San Diego, California. Since 2009, Love-Inspired has allowed me to create beautiful, unique, and authentic brands and designs for wedding professional, all the while, finally, capturing her dream.  I’m so happy to share my joy and passion with others!   I blog about my experiences while helping others to focusing on what matters, loving the people around you, finding your passion, leaving a legacy that you are proud of, and going to bed at night with a big ol’ smile on your face, regardless of the day’s circumstances, knowing you did a job well done.  (Photo by

I’m so thrilled to introduce you all to my friend, Cathy. Lara and I work very closely with Cathy on many of our Making Brands Happen clients. I adore her heart for the work she does and her dedication to being a remarkable mama. 


FLAVOR INFUSER WATER BOTTLE: I LOVE fruit-infused water, but for some reason it always seems JUST complicated enough, that I never do it myself. I love this genius invention; it helps me get my 8 glasses of water in a day, in a yummy way!

HOTELTONIGHT APPLiving in San Diego, we are big fans of stay-cations, and we really love the fun and excitement of staying in hotel rooms. It feels like you are enjoying a mini-getaway. It’s so nice to take a night off and unwind. What I love so much about the HotelTonight app is it gives you the absolute lowest price possible for the night – but they also personally vet all the hotels and they are all very cool! It’s a chance to go to some of those ritzy upscale spots without breaking the bank. It’s totally fun! Our family loves it.

P.S. I have a special coupon code for $25 off of your first night’s stay – COLSON34

GOODBYN BYNTO BOX: My daughter Aven just started preschool, and we got one of these as a gift. I LOVE it. It always is just the perfect size, can be rinsed out super easy, and locks tight to keep everything fresh. It has a little handle on the side so that she can carry her lunch box. I love that it has 3 perfect compartments, one for fruits/veggies, one for a sandwich, and one for dessert (chocolate graham cracker bunnies).

IPAD CAR MOUNT HOLDER: Love, love, love this thing. We’ve had it since Aven was super young, and it’s really grown with her. When she was rear-facing, we attached it to the middle seats. Once we rotated her at 2 years old, it went on the front seats. So simple and easy and so much cheaper than buying a separate DVD player. We are big fans of Apple movies and love that you don’t have to worry about DVDs getting scratched or ruined.

LOREAL YOUTH CODE BB CREAM: I hardly wear makeup anymore, but this is so easy and protects my skin from harmful rays. It has great coverage and is easy to apply with your finger. Feels great on my skin too!

ADEN & ANAIS SWADDLE BLANKETS: I have to give a shout out to our favorite blankets in the world. We bought these when Aven was a baby but she still uses them today. They are 100% breathable so we never had to worry about them with her in the crib. They only get softer when you wash them. Aven has a special name for them – Minas. She calls all other blankets, blankets – but these are not blankets to her. We still have her original blankets from almost 3 years ago, that have been washed a billion times.. They are the absolute best. Best ever.

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THE SIMPLICITY SERIES features busy gals, in different stages of life, making what matters happen and tips and tricks they’ve found to be helpful. Simplicity is about building margin into your life and spending time on and with that which fuels your heart. While we love to share products and services that help us day to day, but simplicity is about HEART and intentionally choosing the thing that matters most (your TREASURE) more than anything money can buy. We wear many hats and we know you do too, so we’d love to hear your thoughts as well! 

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

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