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Simplicity_Graphic_Anna-01-01Hi everyone! So excited to be here today on Emily’s blog along side so many fabulous women!  I am a portrait/glamour photographer from Toronto, Canada! I am also a lifestyle blogger and with a newly opened fine art photography shop! As a recent newlywed and recent business owner I am constantly looking for ways to save time, streamline and simplify my life.  It’s definitely a work in progress but here are a few essentials I can’t go without.  Hope you all can take away some tips and ideas!


SIMPLIFIED PLANNER: If you follow me on Instagram or follow my blog you’ll know how obsessed I am with my simplified planner!  I take it everywhere and I love how organized it keeps me.  When I first saw this planner I screamed YES! FINALLY! Emily get’s it.  Lots of space for to-do’s, a layout and timetable of the day, space to plan dinner, an extra “notes” section – which I’ve started using to remind me what social media posts to go live, inspiring quotes daily (which I love) and not to mention the bright coloured stripes that make me so happy on the outside. Sigh, I love this planner.  Everything stays in one place and I can quickly reference it to see what’s coming up/what I have to do next.  It has saved me so much time, simplified down to one planner.

Emily’s note:  Anna has taken some amazingly, beautiful photos of her using the Simplified Planner.  Check them out!  We are completely, 100 % sold out of the 2014 Simplified Planner, but will be releasing more information on the 2015 edition soon. Stay tuned! :)

CLEAN KITCHEN: The way you start your morning can either make or break your day.   My morning routine is pretty simple.  I wake up, go into the kitchen, turn on my espresso machine and quietly start my day with a hot cup of coffee.  I love the feeling of walking into a clean (and I mean clean clean) tidy kitchen.   Nothing kills the feeling of a productive fresh start like a dirty kitchen (especially when you work out of your home).   Let’s keep it real sometimes I’m pooped after a long day of shooting and after dinner and rinsing the plates I want to sneak off to bed without tidying up 100%.   Every time I did this I’d wake up and feel so behind for the rest of the day.  I work best first thing in the morning, so instead of getting right to work it I’d start cleaning and then feel like I was playing “catch up” for the rest of the day!  I’ve now gotten into the habbit that no matter how tired I am I’ll thank myself in the morning if I get it done. I need to be as productive as I can every day, so being aware of what can throw you off and taking the time to fix bad habits definitely simplifies my mental state!  Something so small but makes a huge difference.

RASKOG: I want you all to meet Raskog & Raskog Jr. They’ve become part of the family! These two Ikea trollies keep everything organized and looking good.  I bought the first to hold all my desk supplies and was not expecting love it as much as I did.  Everything has a place and I can quickly grab what I need fast and easy (no digging through stacked boxes).  I had been looking for something moveable to hold all my camera equipment that kept it all safe but had easy access.  I went and bought a second Raskog and now they are friends.  I love having designated spaces for my supplies and equipment, keeps me from scowering the studio to find what I need and making a mess.  Love these!

MAGAZINE ORGANIZATION: I’ve had this habit since I was in high school that whatever magazines I would subscribe to (and there are many) I would rip out the pages of everything I liked.  I have magazine clippings from over 10 years ago of photoshoots that inspired me.  From here there are two things that happen, first I rip out all the pages I like, then I have a filing cabinet organized with categories ex: photoshoots, house and home, style, celebrity portraits, covers (I keep all the covers it’s so fascinating to go back and see them all over the years) and I file away every magazine clipping in it’s proper folder.  Talk about old school pinterest!  The last step is reserved only for my absolute favourite clippings, I buy blank sketch books and double sided tape and start taping in all my favourites, creating my own mini inspiration book.  I know have so many black books filled with the best of the best from over the last decade, it’s such a good resource to reference, clients love coming and flipping through them. This is something that’s difficult to keep up every week but every couple of months I set aside an afternoon to do this.  For me, it’s not work or a burden, I’m so happy when I’m in this zone not only getting organized but re-inspired all the time.

This may seem a little silly but hear me out.  Day to day I have a super easy low maintenance beauty routine.  Wash and go type.  I’m always looking for ways to streamline and simplify the “getting ready” process. One thing I’ve always loved to have fun with, is my nail colour.  I try every colour sometimes all at once.  I was always hesitant to try it but about 5 months ago I stated getting gel manicures and haven’t looked back.  Ever been in a meeting or about to meet a client and look down and realize half your nails have chipped off?  Embarrassing! Doesn’t look very good does it? That’s why I love gel nails, they last 3 weeks (okay sometimes I push it to almost 4) and I don’t have to worry about fitting in time to re-paint my nails every 3 days to make sure they look presentable.  Ain’t nobody got time for that ;)  It is a bit of an investment but saves me loads of time in the long run which is why I’m hooked!

MY MR: My husband :) Without him none of what I do would be possible (and I mean it).  Kosta and I just got married 5 months ago (yayy!)  He has always been my biggest supporter.  Way back when in high school when I decided to go to film school, then again when I decided to change careers into photography and finally when I decided to go at it alone and start my own business.  He has always been by my side with unwavering support.  He is without a doubt the number one thing that brings me so much joy and makes life easy.  I would be lost without him.  It’s scary when you are starting your own business.  A lot of irrational doubts creep into your head, a million and ten things always on your to-do list.  It’s a juggling act.  Without him being the voice of constant encouragement and reason (and also telling me and reminding me when it’s time to shut down and relax a little) there is absolutely no way I’d be able to do what I do.  He is my secret weapon, the best part of my life and someone I can always count on.  I’m so grateful for him. (Love you babes!)

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

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