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Vana Chupp


Hi, friends! I am Vana Chupp, founder and creative director of Le Papier Studio, an online boutique specializing in one-of-a-kind heirloom silhouette pieces: fine art prints and exquisite jewelry. I like to call myself the safe keeper of a family’s memory. I work with each client personally to help evoke the magic of a special moment forever.
I am professionally trained as an architect with an artist’s heart. My silhouette craft was first born as I began documenting the personality, emotion, and playfulness of my firstborn son, Nikolas. My work is an evolving love story with art, and my boys Nikolas and John serve as my muses. In 2008, I founded Le Papier Studio, in an effort to satisfy my  creative passions while fulfilling an even higher calling, being a mom. To have my family and business thrive and to stay inspired by hand illustration, art, my children’s laughter, Paris, and my passions are essential. 

In your house, how does the most mundane part of life get done? (Pick one: laundry! meal planning! etc)


Picking up after two busy boys and making sure our house is in order. Since I work from home, I make an extra effort to go through each room the night before and put things in their place. Being organized and knowing where everything is, helps me be more productive. Our boys, 10 and 3 and half know to do their fair share in assisting with this (not always, but most days!)
What is one tradition or routine that’s really important to you / your family? And why?
Cooking for my family every day is definitely a tradition in our household. Taking time from being busy to make a nutritious meal is both soothing and fulfilling for this mama. Dinner time is our favorite family time. We share, laugh and be plain silly while enjoying a homemade meal.

Your PICK SIX: What 6 things (products, services, etc) can you absolutely not live without?


1. Family first: My boys and hubby are my everything. Putting family first and treasuring moments with my children is the heart of what I do.

2. My faith: Taking time to pray daily and ask God to watch over and guide my doings is essential for me. I set aside a little time in the morning before my kids are up to meditate and pray. It gives me peace and strength to tackle the day.

3. My Phone: It’s ridiculous how attached I am to it. Sadly, is the first thing I look at as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. I love it because it helps me take my work on the go, making it easier to respond to an urgent matter, or capture a picture of video of my boys.

4. Persil – European Laundry Detergent: I have a thing for european laundry detergent. Not only is the best thing since sliced bread (it cleans like no other detergent) but it also reminds me of the sweet laundry scent from growing up. I take laundry very seriously, you better believe it :)

5. Instagram: It’s my most preferred social media site because it allows me to have direct conversations with my customers. It also is an unending source of inspiration both personally and professionally.

6. The Simplified Planner: I am a list maker and this is by far my most favorite and most used tool. I use it to write down my monthly business goals – it also allows me to break them down to actionable bits which I can tackle each day.


Anything else you think our readers would love to know?
I am a big believer you should follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. I love inspiring and educating women starting out on their journey of entrepreneurship. I share my thoughts and advise on Etsy’s Sellers Handbook.
Any additional tips or systems that help you keep it all together?
I tell everyone the simple act of taking control of your schedule has been the best thing I’ve done with my business. Rather than deciding what to focus on each morning, I plan out each workday the night before. I make a to-do-list of the tasks I needed to complete, prioritizing the top three. Working on what is truly important and eliminating everything else helps me get more done in a shorter amount of time. As a result, the quality of my work is much better. On slow days, I focused on planning for the busy times ahead. Prioritizing helps me avoid being distracted and grow my business smarter and faster.


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