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Jasmine Star


Hi, I’m Jasmine Star, a photographer and a branding+marketing strategist who helps creative entrepreneurs grow their social platforms to inspire business growth. I live in Newport Beach, California with my high-school sweetheart (and business partner), and our cranky old dog. Together we enjoy long walks on the beach, host outdoor dinners, and watch independent movies with an oversized bucket of buttered popcorn.

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for your loved ones?

I practice yoga every day. My husband secretly signed me up at a local yoga studio and I refused to go. No, no, I said, I’m not that type of girl. I tried convincing him that I relaxed while I worked…that didn’t go over so well. I begrudgingly agreed to visit three times before I quit. After the second class, I was hooked. A year and a half later, I’m an avid yogi (but I refuse to wear Birkenstocks and dread my hair).

What’s your favorite beauty secret?


What’s your favorite outfit for a quick, polished look?

I love jeans. They’re basically my uniform. A polished look for me it distressed jeans, heels, a vintage t-shirt, and a blazer.

Whats your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?

Does making reservations count?

Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow, and why?

I am smitten with @thiswildidea. It’s the story of a man who travels to follow his heart, and brings his dog on his adventures. It’s too perfect.

What tradition or routine is important to you?

I wake up and pray every morning. I used to be fixated with waking up and turning on my computer or scrolling through my phone, but I realized it was the worst way to start my day. Now I start my day with a sound mind, a clean heart, and positive vibes. (Oh my goodness…am I sounding like a crazy yogi?! WHERE ARE MY BIRKENSTOCKS?!)

What’s in your purse?

Hold on…lemme look. Okay, so here we go: bobby pins, an old piece of foil-wrapped gum, a cough drop, travel-sized Advil, a USB stick, a book, melted chapstick, loose change, and my wallet.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I don’t find Inspiration. Inspiration finds me. While watching indie films, while reading a good book, while sitting at the beach at sunset, while breathing in the smell of fresh cut grass, while crying, while laughing, while eating a delicious meal, while resting.

We know you’re a busy lady! How do you balance all of your work responsibilities along with your home and personal life? Any tips for our readers?

I adhere to a pretty strict schedule. I create a timeline for every day, which includes when I’ll take breaks and when I’ll walk the dog. I know that must feel stifling to some entrepreneurs, but I am the most productive when I set parameters and maximize my limited time.

What’s your favorite app (or other tool!) for helping you do life?

Post-It notes. I’m old school.

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