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Emily P. Freeman


I’m a mom of 3 (twin girls in 7th grade and a son in 4th), married to John for 15 years and I’ve been writing on the internet for over a decade to help create space for the soul to breathe. My most recent book is called Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. After publishing four books, I’m enjoying a bit of a respite from book deadlines!

I believe deep in my bones that we all have art alive within us waiting to come out. And as we embrace the shape of our own design, we will become more fully ourselves. In light of that, an artist is anyone brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive and I see my job as a writer is to poke that art awake in others. You can read more about that here.

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for your loved ones?

I try to spend a little time everyday in silence. Reading and reflection helps. Also Zumba, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and time with my husband at the end of the day all do wonders for my soul.

What’s your favorite beauty secret?

Anti-redness foundation primer, aka. green face lotion. The first time I used it it felt like a magic trick – it’s green in the bottle but not on my face! And takes away blotchy redness and makes me look like a human person.

What’s your favorite outfit for a quick, polished look?

Dresses and skirts are my go-to favorite. I feel put together without being uncomfortable.

Whats your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?

I could live on beans, rice, guacamole, chips, and salsa. Oh and cilantro too if I’m feeling fancy. We eat this a minimum of once a week – quick, easy, and always a crowd pleaser.

Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow, and why?

This is impossible. There’s so many! Honestly one of my favorite accounts is @thenester – her feed is beautiful, approachable, and entertaining. And that’s not just because she is my sister.

What tradition or routine is important to you?

I like to take walks just for the sake of walking. Around the block works. Fifteen minutes is plenty. Just a little time to clear the cobwebs, release anxiety, and create space for my soul.

What’s in your purse?

Right now? Sunglasses, my wallet, gum, phone, checkbook, a random skirt (?), lots of ink pens, too much change, a straw wrapper, crumpled receipts, some with ideas for blog posts written on the back of them. I need a smaller purse.

Where do you find your inspiration?

From books, mostly. Reading good writing is one of the best ways I’ve found to be a better writer. Also, Instagram is my favorite social account. Images + Words = My love language.

We know you’re a busy lady! How do you balance all of your work responsibilities along with your home and personal life? Any tips for our readers?

The other day I was talking with a young college student friend of mine and she said in school they’ve stopped teaching about “work-life balance” and have started to call it “work-life integration.” I like that because balance implies everything is equally divided. But we know real life doesn’t look that way.

I could offer some tips or practical things I do, but the best advice I can think of is to release the myth that there is one right way to balance everything. Work hard, forgive much, be kind to yourself, and try not to take it all too seriously. I created a little 7 Day Audio Encouragement for anyone who needs help with this.

What’s your favorite app (or other tool!) for helping you do life?

I use VSCO for photo editing everyday. I also use Voxer everyday to communicate with my hope*writer co-founders (hope*writers is an online monthly membership community we’ve created for writers who want to write words that matter). Voxer is the app we use to communicate with our team and how we do the preliminary planning for all of our content, promotions, live events, etc.

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