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Ashley Scobey

Hiya friends! I’m Ashley.  I’m a mom of two and wife to a dreamy creative artist type who I’ve loved since we were twelve. I’m also a believer and a community enthusiast. I believe that life is best spent building each other up and working together. I’m one half of the team behind Scobey Photography. Our family splits our time between Colorado and Atlanta, GA. Life is a beautiful adventure and I want to spend as much of it as possible really living.
How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others?
I say no when I need to. Sometimes it’s a no to a physical, one-more-thing-on-the-calendar commitment, and sometimes it’s a no to an emotional commitment. Bob Goff, who I adore, says that “The battle for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendars” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m also a big believer in taking time to move each and every day. That can be a spin class or a long run, but a family walk or chasing your kids around the playground TOTALLY counts, too.
What’s your favorite beauty secret?
Get enough sleep. Drink enough water. These are my favorite beauty tips because they’re also tips for mental health, and they work like a charm.
What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look?
We have a joke around these parts about my attachment to black yoga pants. But that’s not polished. I’m a big fan of a pair of dark skinny jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and a pair of chucks. That outfit can take me from meetings to carpool and everywhere in between, and you can’t beat that!
What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?
Taco Tuesdays!! My husband eats a Vegan diet, and my kids are both young, so tacos solve all the world’s problems! I put out all the fixin’s and people can take what they want and leave what they don’t. No complaints makes for one happy mama! I love this recipe for sweet potato and black bean tacos.
Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow and why?
Oh, Instagram, aren’t you a wonder?! One of my favorite accounts is @ChildhoodUnplugged – it’s so beautiful to watch how people document their families, and it’s an account that gives me good, happy feelings. Pro Tip: Stop following accounts that lead you to comparison or feelings of inadequacy – you are in control of how your social media feeds make you feel – use them to breathe joy into your life!
What tradition or routine is important to you?
Carpool pick-up and playing in the backyard after school. This unplugged time to pour into our kids is so important. Our daughter shares so many funny stories, big ideas, and challenges during this time, and it sets the expectation that there is always a point in the day when I am completely available to them and invested in them. Family dance parties in the kitchen before bath-time help me to keep my sanity when life gets overwhelming.
What’s in your purse?
Oh gracious. Cheddar bunny crumbs. Lots of them. Our 18 month old LOVES to play in my purse, so it’s a disaster zone in there! I always have chapstick, mini encouragement cards, my phone, some neat cheeks wipes for my kiddos’ faces, and my kindle.
Where do you find your inspiration?
In nature. I love getting outside and going on hikes, working in the garden, and adventuring. Being outside makes my soul come alive. It helps me to remember what is real and what is important, and it helps me to recenter on the beauty of what’s right in front of me. Also, my husband is a huge inspiration to me – he is such a kind, servant-hearted person and he is always challenging me to be better and love more.
We know you’re a busy lady! How do you balance all of your work responsibilities with your home life? Any tips for our readers?
It’s a dance. I have such a hard time with the idea of balance because I truly just don’t think there is such a thing. The things in life that we are really passionate and excited about will always upset the equilibrium… and I think that’s completely ok. Part of the dance, though, is to do our best to live in a space of ENOUGH. Having enough down time, enough creating, enough work and enough play. For me, when I feel overwhelmed and anxious, it’s a sign that I need to create more margin in my life. Planning my days really helps me to be realistic about what I want to accomplish and what I need to plan on saving for another day.
What’s your favorite app (or other tool) for helping you do life? 
There are so many to choose from. Can we just all agree that we live in an age where technology can be SO helpful when used in the right way?! It’s amazing. I love Showit for making it super easy for us to build and change our website as we grow. I love Buffer for scheduling out our company’s social media posts – it helps me to spend less time posting and more time being present with my family. I’m also a huge fan of My Fitness Pal, Trello, and Waze (because this girl is SOOOOOO not directionally inclined – I get lost on a regular basis!).
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