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Rachel Nordgren

Simplicity_Rachel.Name-01Hey there! I’m Rachel…a Jesus-loving, coffee-drinking, belly-laugh-loving, happily-newly-married woman living in Kansas with a super fluffy sweetheart of a dog named Banjo and the cat my husband wanted. Hans and I have been married over one year, and I’m finding that being a wife is the most incredible and humbling journey. I’m a college student and blogger at, with a deep love of washi tape, line-dried sheets, office supplies, fresh flowers and lemon-flavored anything.

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others?

My mornings are the most important part of my self-care routine. I spend the first part of my days with Jesus, reading the Bible and praying. With coffee, of course! The peace and quiet of this time with the Lord is utterly life-giving to me. I limit the number of things I am involved in and committed to in order to keep my stress level manageable. I also give myself enough sleep, exercise, and good foods to keep my body healthy!

img_3904In your house, how do the mundane parts of life get done?

Because my husband is a full time teacher and I am a full time college student, we don’t always have time to cook healthy meals from scratch. Instead, I do huge batches of freezer meals! Every few months, I take one day (and make a colossal mess in the kitchen) and make a dozen or so meals that can be frozen and reheated (or put in the crock pot) later. It’s a great way to plan ahead for busy seasons and ensure that we’re still eating well.

What is one tradition or routine that’s really important to you? And why?

Hans and I have a date night every Wednesday, and we guard it fiercely! We switch back and forth with the planning, and it’s great to come up with creative ways to intentionally spend time together! It’s important to us to continually pursue each other romantically and have fun together. Some weeks are fancy (we’ll dress up and go out to dinner) and some aren’t (a casual bike ride and ice cream)!

Your PICK SIX: What 6 products can you absolutely not live without?

Simplicity_Rachel-011. Chestnut ballet flats from Tieks: I’m in the process of creating a capsule wardrobe, because I want to have a slim closet that works hard! These flats are classic, go with everything, and incredibly comfortable!

2. PowerSheets: These have been a game changer for my life. I love Lara’s approach to goal setting, y’all! The PowerSheets help me discern what matters most and make progress towards those goals!

3. Gold Monogrammed Mug from Anthropologie: A little touch of gold makes my morning (and afternoon…) coffee so much classier!

4. Ultra Mentha Lip Shine from C.O. Bigelow:  I’ve been using this stuff for YEARS. It’s minty fresh and never sticky…the perfect lip gloss!

5. Moleskine Journals: These timeless journals are my favorite for writing out prayers, Bible studies, and whatever else is on my mind. They are no-frills, exceptionally constructed, and perfect for everyday use!

6. XL Leather Laptop Tote from Piel: This workhorse of a tote is big enough to carry my laptop, binder, and books for school, and also doubles as a classic purse. It has simple, clean lines and plenty of storage. I love it!

Anything else you think our readers would love to know? Any additional tips or systems that help you keep it all together?

One way I “keep it all together” is by regularly taking a break from social media on the weekends. Social media is a great tool and way to connect with others, but it can also be a big distraction. I try to reserve weekends for rest, clarity, time with my husband and time with Jesus!


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The Simplicity Series features busy gals, in different stages of life, making what matters happen and tips and tricks they’ve found to be helpful. Simplicity is about building margin into your life and spending time on and with that which fuels your heart. While we love to share products and services that help us day to day, but simplicity is about HEART and intentionally choosing the thing that matters most (your TREASURE) more than anything money can buy. We wear many hats and we know you do too, so we’d love to hear your thoughts as well! For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34

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