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Mandy Volpe

Simplicity_Graphic_ VOLPE-01Our love story began in college one summer when I interned at Georgia Tech where Conner was going to school and working. We believe in a marriage rooted in love and focused on Jesus. Marriage is hard work and messy, but we are learning how you grow closer together when your focus is on God first. We don’t have all the answers and nine times out of ten we fail. However we know that love never fails and when we focus on that, we can’t fail either. We love traveling, home projects, throwing celebrations, focusing on a healthy lifestyle, and play time with our fur baby, Brinkley. That makes us a family of three for the time being :)

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others?

I kick off the day with some quiet time with my main man JC. It gives me time to focus on the day, journal my prayers, and read some truth before emerging myself into the world of marketing.

As for physically, we have been on a journey for the past year 1/2 to transform our lives into a healthier lifestyle. We have collectively lost over 175lbs through monitoring what we are putting in to our bodies, working out, and having active dates rather than just a movie with popcorn. It hasn’t been easy but to see the transformation of how we are stronger and have more energy is absolutely amazing. It proves that with a little will power and perseverance you can accomplish your goals.

In your house, how do the mundane parts of life get done?

We try to keep everything “in the cloud”. We both share a drop box account to share files and pictures easily. We also use google docs for meal planning/figuring out what needs to be restocked/what activities will have us away from the home for the meal. As for laundry, we both do our own because we like it done a certain way and wanted to avoid the fight that came with the expectations surrounding folding/shrinking/color-washing that comes from mysterious clothing with multiple parts. granted, if there is something that needs to be washed for Conner, he has to ask for the help, otherwise it is left to him to get it done. Our motto: “You wear it, you wash it”.

What is one tradition or routine that’s really important to you? And why?

We have two and funny enough they both are about food. Ha! 1) Dinner around the table every.single.night. This is where we pray together, catch up on the day, game plan for the next day, and talk through things that need to be helped around the house. 2) The second tradition we have is what we call our “Post travel breakfasts”. (Southern Weddings actually featured a photo shoot from one of our breakfasts a few months ago). My husband travels alot so it gives us time to go get some bacon and eggs the morning after he returns. When he is out of town, it makes it difficult to talk as much as we do when we are both working from home, so these PTB keep us connected and help us to recharge after being away from each other.

Your PICK SIX: What 6 products can you absolutely not live without?

1. Google Calendar: We have joint access to a family calendar via Google. We both must put any travel/activities into the calendar that will affect each other. Basically anything that draws us away from the house for an extended period of time or a meal period..gets put into the calendar. Also special events or celebrations go in the calendar, too.

2. Brinkley Diaper Bag– I got a Thirty One make-up bag embroidered with our dogs name (yeah I am that person. ha!) The bag is the perfect size for carrying his food, harness, scoop for meals, and leash for when we need to drop him off at the grandparents house or the vet.

3. My Fitness Pal App: We use this to track all of our food and exercise. It has helped us stay accountable in our healthier lifestyle change.

4. Google Doc Grocery List: I got tired of the question of “What’s for dinner”, or the complaint that the paper list was never with me when I went to the store. Now the google doc has Sunday-Saturday listed out for Dinners and is a place for us to both look quickly to figure out what is on the meal plan for the night so that either of us can easily pitch in to make it. Also, the same document keeps a running total of items needing to be picked up from the store so that we only have to go grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons. 

5. Tervis Tumbler: I have a shelf for just my tervis cups. They are insulated and keep everything the appropriate temperature. It also helps me to stay hydrated with fewer trips to the fridge to fill up. I work from home so there is the temptation to just hang out in the kitchen all day and eat snacks. By having the 24oz tervis cup, I can fill up a couple times in the morning and afternoon with fewer trips to the kitchen. This cuts down on the random need to snack when visiting the kitchen for more water. 

6. I have a horrible memory. But I want to love on people and remember the tiniest details of their lives. I utilize the “notes” function under people who are listed as contacts in my phone. Random things like what types of pizza they like or their kids names helps refresh my memory.


Anything else you think our readers would love to know? Any additional tips or systems that help you keep it all together?

I love to use Pinterest for new ideas on outfits and food. I tend to get in a rut so going on that site and actually doing what I pin is vital. I also love party planning so on my phone you will find a running list of event ideas for the next celebration. I love on people through party planning so I am always trying to come up with outside of the box ideas to make people feel special, not like it is an obligation to celebrate them.

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