Simple Traditions
Simple Traditions
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Hi, friends! It may be challenging to carry out some of our favorite holiday traditions this year, so we thought it would be the perfect time to start a new one! Team Simplified put together a few simple ideas to participate in at home (or just a short drive and social distance away). These special moments are what make the holidays so wonderful, but don't overwhelm yourself. Pick a few of your favorite ideas without committing to the whole list. 

The people close to you may need some encouragement for Christmas spirit this year – be the friend they need. If you have little ones, they will trust and follow your lead. Enjoy the season celebrating what matters most. 

Ten Ideas for Simple Traditions:

  1. Make your favorite holiday breakfast for dinner.  
  2. Let your little ones pick a small gift for their siblings (or someone special) and wrap it themselves – you may get a laugh out of this one!  
  3. Drive to see Christmas lights – wear jammies and drink hot chocolate for bonus fun! 
  4. Read holiday stories each evening – gift your favorite books for your friends to read too! 
  5. Decorate cookies – store bought does not make the tradition any less special! 
  6. Watch holiday movies – introduce your kids to the classics from childhood or simply relive those magical memories. 
  7. Make a gingerbread house – Emily’s family hosts a competition with teams! 
  8. Listen to Christmas music in the car.  
  9. Prepare reindeer food for Christmas Eve – rolled oats and glitter! 
  10. Donate to someone (or a family) in need – toys, food, or even a helping hand! 
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